I love my comfy office, even though I seldom curl up on this couch.  But tonight I plan to watch some movies from this sofa, and maybe even read.  Sometimes it is a good thing to change our perspective, whether it is our location or how we see the books in our collection.

See the stack of books on the coffee table trunk?  I need to start reading some of them!  Here is a close-up, below:



From the bottom up, these are the older ones I should read first:

Mean Streak,by Sandra Brown

Home, by Harlan Coben

Love Letters,by Debbie Macomber

The Girl, by Samantha Geimer

Becoming Queen Victoria, by Kate Williams


Today I am trying to distract myself from my burning/itching skin, the result of a hair dye allergy.  I went to urgent care this morning, since the cream I was using did nothing to improve the situation.  The doctor prescribed steroids, in pill form, for five days.  Of course I want to immediately feel better….the cold compresses applied to my neck are helping a little.

I took a nap earlier, which was a good thing, since I haven’t been sleeping.

Meanwhile, my daughter is feeling horrible, since I had suggested that the problem I had a month ago was from the hair dye.  I think she believes me, now.  LOL.


At least reading and movies are also distracting me a little, which is more than I can say for yesterday or the day before.  I started Into the Water earlier, but haven’t gotten very far.




What did your Sunday look like?  Reading, eating out, napping?



    • Thanks, Kathryn, I am hoping for healing…and soon! I did sleep a little last night, but still woke up early to watch TV and apply cold compresses.

      I suspect that it will all be better in the next day or two…hoping!


  1. So sorry about your allergic reaction! I’ve had those and they are no fun at all. Hopefully, the steroids will help. And that you can get some good rest and sleep. Somehow, that always seems to make things better.

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    • Thanks, Kay, I am feeling hopeful, since the additional medication feels like a positive sign that improvement can happen.

      Sleep is good…and I seem to sleep better sitting up on the couch with cold compresses.


    • Thanks, Patty, I was grateful for your experience to help me decide what to do next….and I was going to wait until Monday and call in…but then realized that I could save time and pain, probably, by going to Urgent Care. I’m glad I did.

      Today will be my second steroid pill. Here’s hoping!


    • Thanks for visiting, Vicki, and I am definitely hoping for healing! I don’t know which is worse, the burning or the itching. Probably the burning, but the itching keeps me awake. I need my sleep, too!

      I am enjoying Into the Water, although each chapter seems to introduce a new character, and I’m furiously taking notes to keep them all straight.


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