weekend potpourri


A year ago, I celebrated Mother’s Day at a lovely restaurant overlooking the water.  And I luxuriated in family and unexpected gifts.  The photo above was a rustic frame carved by one of my daughter’s friends, and I found the perfect photos to celebrate being a mother.

Below…check out my post from a year ago, Hump Day Potpourri:  Luxuriating in the Goodies…excerpted in its entirety.


Coming out of the sweetest weekend in a while, I am still luxuriating in all the goodies.  Unexpected ones, like the brunch in the mountains overlooking a lake. (Below), Heather and Noah enjoying the view…and a chat.



Heather & Noah - Mother's Day Brunch - Bass Lake


Coming home, I hung the sweet little “love art,” as I’ve dubbed the hanging above…and here’s the entire wall with the newest addition.  I need to spend more time in this room, facing these hangings…



Family Wall in Office - 2016


Usually I am facing inward to my laptop, etc.  The sofa, which you can see a part of in both pictures, is actually very comfy.





The problem is the TV.  Yes, it needs updating!  That could be my next project…right?





Or I could satisfy my viewing urges in one of the two other rooms that have flat screen TVs.



May 7 breakfast in bed with Netflix


I do love looking back at what I was doing a year ago…or even longer.  Now I will feast on the memories and the photos.

What do you like looking back to remember?



8 thoughts on “A YEAR AGO: REVISITING MOTHER’S DAY 2016”

  1. I love looking back at the times when all of us celebrated holidays in the town I grew up in and where my parents always lived…those were the best times!

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