Good morning, and today will feature some views of my office, where I spend a lot of time…but I usually just show my laptop.  Above, the cozy sofa that makes into a bed…and the wicker trunk where I stack my unread print books.

Another view, from my office chair.  The stacking boxes (on the right) have been with me for years.  I once had them in my work office, if you can imagine!  There are six or seven boxes, but the smaller ones are nested inside the big ones.



I know why I don’t cozy up here very often…the TV is tiny (see below).  But there is also a VCR, so I can watch some of those tapes I have saved.  (Most of the tapes went to the donation bins when I moved here, but there are a few I can’t part with).




The walls are layered with family photos, and I do love looking at those.

Now…for some odd tidbits.  Yesterday I wrote a post over at An Interior Journey, and I know it actually posted, as I had a couple of comments on it.

But today, when I went in to edit the post and add a couple of things, it said:  POST NOT FOUND.  I searched by title, but nothing.  Then I noticed one post listed as “in the trash”…I restored it, and voila!  There it was.  Apparently I hit “trash” instead of edit!

Yikes!  One has to be extra careful when messing around, right?


Speaking of odd tidbits…I posted a photo of my patio the other day, and when I looked at it afterwards, there was an odd shadow there.  See…it looks like something is hanging down.  So I went out to study the actual umbrella…and yikes!  It is torn.  I’m guessing that it happened in one of those storms we had…

I bought this umbrella ten years ago, so I guess it’s time to get another.  But I wonder if I can get the top part without having to replace the bottom?  I remember struggling to put that umbrella set in….and I don’t look forward to a repeat of that experience.



So, there have been some odd and strange happenings today…how is your day shaping up?  I finished I Found You yesterday (click for my review), and I’m almost finished with Wait for the Rain.



Take another peek at my daughter and me at her reception on April 2.  Fun!



  1. LOL over the trashed post. I came to it from Bloglovin’ and got the same not found message. So then I just went straight to your blog and refreshed and voila, it was present. Obviously you had been working in the background. Love the photos, what positive energy they must throw forth.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, how great that I had fixed it by the time you got to the blog! I will have to be more careful when I try to edit a post…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kathryn, and I love sharing photos…and my bloopers.


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