My three daughters!  Well, not exactly.  I only gave birth to the one in the middle, but the other two have lived with us at various points in time.  They spent a lot of time at my home when I lived in this townhouse:



My loft room:




And also in my A-frame in the foothills, especially during the holiday season:



A more updated version of Heather, my “actual” daughter…with a friend during the holidays.




I do enjoy checking out old photos…or finding new versions of my old photos on Facebook.  Do you relish the moments?

This post is linked to West Metro Mommy Reads for Saturday Snapshots.




  1. All of our photos of the girls when they were young are scattered somewhere as they were on two previous laptops. But each time my husband pulls one up, I smile. Some of the time, when I look at my kids, all I see are their baby faces. It’s so fun to see their old, little videos and to hear their baby talk.

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  2. I love old photos! It’s the same at our house – there are a couple of boys that I refer to as “My Third Son” because they have practically lived here at various times. I love that my kids & their friends like to hang out here.

    Thanks for sharing your memories –


    Book By Book

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