This week has been one for shopping.  I wrote about my wedding outfit/shoes shopping in Thursday Potpourri:  Spotlight Home and Family.

While I was out shopping, I circled around to the kitchen items. (Yes, I was in Target).

A few years ago, my daughter “borrowed” my blender, and I have yet to get it back.  She does that…with appliances, and cookbooks (she says “you don’t cook, so you don’t need it”).  Who knows what else has ended up at her place?

So…I wanted a blender, and since I’m not getting my original one back, here’s what I came home with.  I love red…in appliances, etc.  Note:  my March page of the Mary Engelbreit calendar, a favorite that I buy each year.  I also see that the top of my stove has lots of spices, etc.  It almost seems as if I cook.  LOL.




And here’s my red coffee pot, toaster, and a full mug of coffee:




The thing about buying new stuff…I have to clear out the old, and clean…and then rearrange everything.  So there is a method to my madness.

Today I want to make a smoothie for lunch.


I just finished It Happens All the Time…(click title for my review), and I couldn’t stop turning the pages.  It was not a thriller, but it was a story about sexual dynamics and friendship.  I wasn’t sure how it would end.  I must say that I was a little sad about the ending for one of the characters…but it was a book that will make me ponder the nature of sex and friendship.





What to read next…hmm, I have a couple of possibilities on my list.  The Fifth Letter...or The Mother’s Promise.




What are your weekend plans?  Do you ever shop for new kitchen stuff, just for fun, or because you have done without an appliance for a few years and now miss it. Desperately?




  1. I love Target. We get our appliances on Prime now like our glass kettle. I already broke the first one but it’s only about $9 on Amazon so of course we got a new one. A four-slotted toaster is a must for this house. We have that Bullet set so we use that if we need a blender. My prized appliance is my Kitchen Aid mixer. I had wanted one for years! Then one SF Costco trip the husband sees it on sale and called me to tell me and ask me which color did I want. We got the red one. Tomorrow we’re heading up to the city for a belated birthday celebration for my brother who just joined the 40’s club. The tween is making oatmeal raisin cookies along with thumbprint ones. I’m making 7-layer dip, one he wanted. My mum’s making corn beef and all of its fixings.

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    • I think I’ve reached my limit on appliances for the kitchen, as I’ve run out of counter space. I suppose I could remove the decorative Engelbreit cookie jars…but I don’t want to do that!

      Thanks for stopping by, Stefanie, and I love ordering from Amazon, since I, too, have Prime.

      Enjoy those cookies and the dip…and that birthday party.


  2. All of my little appliances are red, too! Blenders, Cuisinart, mixer…as many as I can find in red…

    We are entering a cold spell here so we are just staying close and staying warm.

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    • I don’t think I could add a Cuisinart or a mixer, as I’ve used up my counter space! Even my rolling cart that stands in as additional counter space is full with my Crockpot and a Coca Cola bucket that holds assorted things, like tea bags and sweetener packets.

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty, and enjoy your weekend. Stay warm!


    • Thanks, Kathryn, I love Mary Engelbreit’s art and decorating style…and have several of her creations. Every year, I buy one of her calendars for my kitchen, as I feel so cheerful when I look at them.


  3. Hi, there! I had to laugh out loud when I read about your rearranging the kitchen when you bought your new blender (Love it, BTW) — we bought a new, non-electric stove top kettle last week and I spent last Saturday rearranging the entire kitchen to make the “flow” better. Don’t you just love the concept of “flow”? Anyway, your blender is snazzy and your calendar is one of my favorite kinds!

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    • Thanks, Melissa, and yes, “feng shui” or flow…important things to consider. I would love to have a new stove and refrigerator, among other things. Also..new cabinets! And more space in general. But this is a rental, so my rearranging is mostly about utilizing the space I have, and trying to make it a little more attractive. And fun.

      Enjoy your newly arranged kitchen!


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