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Welcome to another Sunday!  I love weekend blogging, as there are many blogs to visit.  And then I get more blogging ideas.

As I went through my routines this morning, I started thinking of how I do tend to go on automatic pilot and move through the early morning activities, scarcely thinking of what I’m doing.

After the usual morning ablutions, my steps lead me to the little office nook, where I boot up the computer.  Louisa May, my laptop, must be used to my actions, too, as she cooperates.  So far.


june 3 office 4***

Then….off to the kitchen to turn on the coffee pot and ready my tray (below):





When the coffee is ready, I bring the tray into the office…and I’m all set.

But sometimes, just to shake things up (anyone who reads my blogs knows how much I enjoy making changes), I might vary the routine.  Like booting up the laptop BEFORE my morning ablutions.  Or preparing the tray first.

If I do that, though, my actions cease to be automatic…and I have to think about what I’m doing.  That has to be good, right?


Speaking of changing things up, I did some new things here…notice?  Same blog header, but different theme, which also meant a different background.

I also did a remake of Curl up and Read, with the same header, but with the theme I’m using here.  Theme changes can be subtle, but the most noticeable aspect of this theme (Dara) is how the quotes look…and also how the posts are arranged.


While I was checking out Netflix last night, I found a show called Schitt’s Creek.  I’ve only watched a couple of the episodes and I’m not sure about it.  Some of the characters are really annoying.

So I switched over to shows I had on my DVR, including a movie called Anesthesia.




With an assorted cast of characters including Sam Waterston, Glenn Close, Kristen Stewart, and Gretchen Mol, we connect with each of them as their lives intersect around an event that happens to a beloved professor.  Set in Manhattan and its suburbs.

I picked it at random (seemingly), and was pleasantly surprised to find how much I enjoyed it.  The fact that Sam Waterston and Glenn Close had roles did affect my choice.


Do you ever find books or movies that you love unexpectedly?  What are your anticipated enjoyable moments this weekend?  Do your routines seem to flow automatically, or do you change things up a lot?



  1. I like change…at least I used to…but now I like the sameness of certain things…adding another chair…a white wicker one…to a corner of our bedroom…has caused me to add a few more things up there…a white wicker ottoman and a white wicker table…and a bunch of carved wooden pink flowers! I can change things around without leaving gaps any where…is that a sign of too much stuff?

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    • Ha…I don’t think that means too much stuff…just creative rearranging.

      I love the sound of your white wicker chair, ottoman, and table. And those pink flowers. I love white wicker, but don’t have any right now…I don’t think. I’ll have to do a walk around, just to be sure. LOL.

      I used to have a white wicker bed tray that I loved. I’m not sure what happened to it, but I know that I gave away a lot of stuff when I moved here (downsized). It will be TEN years in April.

      I like my auto-pilot routines, for the most part, as I can get through them all without too much stress.

      Enjoy your weekend, Patty.


  2. I should start shaking up my routines because lately I’ve noticed that if I do something out of order, I tend to get confused. Maybe changing things around will help keep my brain thinking clearer.

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  3. I try to sleep in on the weekends. I span about 10 hours. I do stay up later which doesn’t help. But I’m always parked here at the laptop reading blogs, maybe blogging myself, and possibly making a big breakfast for everyone. I don’t like to be overscheduled on the weekend; it makes me cranky.

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