What do I tend to do when I’m troubled, sad, or just bored?

Change things up on a blog…or read a lot of books.  This week I did both, reading and reviewing FIVE books…and changing up the headers on this blog (see above), and Serendipity, where you can read my Weekly Updates, with details about my reading.



The baby in the header above is my great-niece, who reminds us that you don’t have to be a grown-up to love reading whatever you can get your hands on…lol.


I also love going to one of the neighborhood restaurants and eating soup…with a martini or a margarita.

Yesterday, it was pea soup and a strawberry margarita.  The book I was reading on Pippa was Two If By Sea, by Jacquelyn Mitchard.  I’ve had the book since May.





Here’s the dessert, which I really shouldn’t have had…but sometimes we just have to go with our weakest impulses…lol.  Key Lime pie, with coffee.



Then I came home to resume reading Rosemary:  The Hidden Kennedy Daughter, by Kate Clifford Larson.






Tonight I am looking forward to a line-up of shows that make Sunday a wonderful day in the week:  Madame Secretary; Secrets & Lies; and a couple of movies from the DVR.  Next Sunday, The Affair returns.  Yay!


What does your Sunday look like?  What great escapes have you planned?



  1. Your great niece is a cutie. I love how you pair soup with a margarita! I’m working on my Year of Projects post as I have tremendous progress from last week on my first sock and my jumper. Then I need to start on small card creations as my daughters have their school pictures and I want to send them at as usually each year I slack on that. I am also feeling thankful as my parents are in Sydney and are still on land. Their ship is supposed to sail this evening to New Zealand which has been hit by a massive earthquake and tsunamis are slowly rolling in.

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    1. Thanks! I do think she’s adorable, too. As for soup and drinks, they’re a great combo. lol

      As for that sailing plan…it doesn’t sound good. Staying on land sounds like a better idea.

      Enjoy your knitting, Stefanie!


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