Yesterday I wrote about moving the big box from this bottom shelf…and here you’ll see I’ve replaced it with a smaller one.

Which allows for more books on this shelf!  Good thinking, right?

This morning I was reflecting on changes in general, including blog changes.  My blog journey has brought me through some rough moments.  So I was studying some of the pages here on this blog, and had to smile at where I’ve been.

This is excerpted from my page The Journey:


Sauntering along, choosing my path with reckless abandon—this is a somewhat flawed characteristic of mine, I’ll admit!—despite missteps along the way, this quirk of mine seems to have served me well.

In that I have had many adventures and a lot of fun along the way.  Perhaps there are other roads I might have taken, or should have taken.  Who knows?  But every step I’ve chosen on this journey has led me to this point in time and to the person I’ve become.

Perhaps I could have done things differently, but then where would I have ended up?  And would I have had so many wonderful and colorful memories?  Memories that will serve me well into the twilight years…at least for as long as my memory retrieval system works!!


The thoughts are a little depressing, don’t you think?  I must have been pondering the process of aging and how time is passing so quickly.

It is more helpful, I do believe, to approach each day as its own entity.  “A day at a time” is a popular label for some groups, and doesn’t it serve us all well?


So…today I am hoping to enjoy the moments.  I must get myself together for my appointment at 12:45 at my daughter’s salon.


heather's bear


I will bring Pippa along for the journey, as I plan to start reading The American Girl.



Then, if time permits, my daughter and I might enjoy a drink at the bar & grill just steps away from the salon…it’s called Neighbors.




Then I’ll head home to eat an early dinner…and read some more.  Maybe I’ll watch one of the shows on my DVR.

That’s my journey for today.  What will yours be like?



  1. It’s easy to think of the shoulda, coulda, wouldas but in the end life is what it is. What’s important now is what you make of it now. It’s never too late to do some things. Have a fun day at the salon.

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    1. Thanks, Patty, I do love it when I can plan out my day…and sometimes it even unfolds just the way I’d hoped.

      However, today didn’t exactly happen the way I thought it would…my daughter “called in sick,” so I’ll be rescheduling my hair appointment…again. lol


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