Good morning, and welcome to Thursday!  Above, note the little sketches, thanks to one of the little Facebook goodies that appear now and then.  The one on the left shows me, along with my four kids, in November 1979.  And on the right, me as a baby in my mother’s arms, circa…well, not telling!  lol

My hair in that 1979 photo makes me smile.  I remember loving that mop of wavy hair, Hippie style.  Even though the seventies were almost done.  Below, check out the picture without its “sketchiness.”




For years after this initial photo, we revisited the sculptured monument to reprise the family picture.  We had one snapped in 1984…and another in 1991.  We came to think of the sculpture at the local university as Our Place.

Not sure what led me down Memory Lane today, except it probably had something to do with the sketch.  The group that does these little vignettes for FB select the photos, and I’m always amazed at what they pick.

Before I discovered the sketch in my photo folder, I was looking for something else.  My bullet journal photo, since I did one for Bloggiesta.  Today I crossed some things off that list!




One of the things I crossed off:  I finished reading Cruel Beautiful World, by Caroline Leavitt (click for review)….





Another was getting my hands on a copy of Fractured, by Catherine McKenzie, from Amazon Vine:






Something not on my list, but which caught my eye:  I ordered a copy of Nicci French’s sixth novel in the Frieda Klein series, Saturday Requiem:




I’m getting it from a third-party seller in the UK, as it isn’t available here yet.  I’ve loved all of the books in this series:  Blue Monday, Tuesday’s Gone, Waiting for Wednesday, Thursday’s Children, and Friday on My Mind.


Currently, I’m reading All the Ugly and Wonderful Things, by Bryn Greenwood.





What else have I been doing?  Visiting new condo complexes and collecting paperwork….




I am undecided at this point, but I’m leaning toward staying put for a while.  I don’t think I’m ready to be lumped in with groups of seniors playing Bingo…lol.  Of course, they also have wine tasting.  So that might be fun!

What has your week been like?  What, if anything, are you obsessing about?



  1. Love the photo of you and your kids. My week has been one of taking care of some business and getting in some roller blading. I finally got my Harry Potter post out last night which has been lurking about for me to tell all. I’m really honored from all of the HP love out there.

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