Welcome to another Hump Day Potpourri, in which I spotlight some recent changes…and chat about some frustrations.

The big rag dolls that once lived on my sofa table are now back on the hall tree bench.  The geese are in a variety of places, starting with the big one on the hall tree, to some others on my revamped sofa table.  Am I doing something equivalent to “mixing metaphors” by spotlighting the geese with the horse?  lol




Then…my little drop leaf dining table has a new centerpiece…more geese!  The placemats I received from Amazon Vine are still showing off here. 





I love these new changes to my space…and now I need to use everything a lot more.  Like with a dinner party.  Hmm, would that involve cooking?

I do want to use my Crockpot, which is sitting on my kitchen island…waiting (on the right). 

Once upon a time, long ago, I did use a Crockpot to make Swedish Meatballs for a New Year’s Eve celebration.  I think that was in 1977.  lol

I have Dai Bai Dang (for takeout) on speed dial.




Now…the frustrations.  For some unknown reason, any comments I made on the weekend on Word Press blogs seemingly disappeared, as if they had never happened.  I recalled that some other bloggers had similar problems with their comments…which had gone into spam.

So…easy to fix, right?  Well, no.  I had to find a way to communicate with the bloggers to beg for their help.  Checking their spam folders.  Twitter!  That worked.  Soon (a day later), my comments appeared, rescued from the spam folder.

Meanwhile, I had made some changes on my end.  My user name for WP is “laurelrainsnow.” I thought:  hmm, could that look spammy?  But why now?  I’ve only been commenting on WP sites…like forever.

But just in case, I changed the “public name” that shows on comments to my real name “Laurel-Rain Snow.”  Well, sort of “real name.”  lol

That did nothing right away, but I feel better about it, since the spam I usually find is all in lower case, which seems spammy.

Now….most of my comments are appearing right away, but some say “waiting for moderation.”  That has never happened before.  Is this a new WP thing?  Or should I take it personally? lol


Now…lest you thing I’m obsessing ONLY about this WP commenting thing, let’s take a look at what else I’m focusing on…like my Netflix addictions.

While waiting for Season 5 of Longmire, I am having fun with an Australian show called Offspring.  I planned to try one episode, the pilot.  But soon found myself totally absorbed in this chaotic family with weird family members.

Nina is an obstetrician, and she has trouble with relationships.  She fantasizes about wonderful romantic moments…and about disasters sure to happen.  It’s funny.

I don’t like her siblings, Billie and Jimmy.  Billie talks so much that I want to “mute her.”  And Jimmy shows too many teeth when he talks, and talks while chewing.

Am I being picky?  Well, probably, but so far, I’m still intrigued.  Nina keeps me tuning in.  I wish I could fast-forward through Billie and Jimmy…but you can’t really do that on a streaming show.  Or can you?  Does anyone know how?


So that’s my week so far.  And yes, I’m reading, too.  Here’s what I’m reading currently:

They Might Not Mean To, But They Do, by Cathleen Schine, is a family story, with characters that span the generations.  It’s about aging, about dying, and about coping.





So…these are my tidbits for the day.  What are you doing, reading about, or, God forbid, obsessing about?




    1. I am becoming “famous” in the family for having abandoned the art of cooking, although I’m a great one with the microwave. And the broiler. lol.

      Thanks for stopping by, Dagny, and I am setting a goal for myself to make something in that crockpot.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Love those microwaves! Sure would hate to go back to not having one.

        Re your comments and spam, yours today on my Interesting Literature reblog just had to be approved. The same thing happened to me a while back when I changed the name that from my blog name of Madame Vauquer to Dagny (people were confused about who she was, lol).

        Liked by 1 person

  1. It’s nice to change things up. And I like crockpot food… let that bad boy simmer mmm I love lifting the lid and getting all the smells. lol but you know that takeout sounds pretty good too. Chinese or Thai or whatever- take out is the bomb.

    Sorry to hear about the WP thing… had that problem last week. Was doing TTT or WoW (don’t remember which) and all my comments were going to spam. Argh. Seems to be better this week tho.

    I’m thinking of trying Blacklist- have you seen it? A friend recommended it and I hadn’t considered it before. Otherwise I’m kinda between shows…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I saw a couple of episodes of Blacklist on network TV, but stopped watching for some reason I’ve forgotten…lol. I may have to check it out on Netflix.

      Thanks for stopping by, Greg, and ever since I had my issues with comments going to spam, I’m vigilant about checking my own spam folders so others don’t have to experience it.

      I remember when you had that problem. Your name is not at all “spammy.” I was thinking that mine might sound a bit like a weather report….but I hadn’t had any problems before. Maybe WP made some changes in the system.


  2. Love your arrangements, so cute. Laughing at the crockpot. I hardly use mine but going to put a stew in one tomorrow. I am never very successful with it but one more try.
    Offspring was very popular here on TV although I just never got around to watching it. Hopeless TV watcher!
    Strange about your WP comments, what a pain.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Kathryn, I really think the only motivation I have to clean is to change my arrangements regularly. LOL.

      Everyone tells me the crockpot is easy, and I have vague memories of using it with confidence…way back in the day.

      As for the comment situation, it was a pain, and I was so frustrated that Sunday night, I dreamed about chasing down my comments. Luckily, the next day I thought about Tweeting the bloggers whose spam folders had grabbed my comments…and they very quickly retrieved them. Someone said that after some bloggers do that, the spam grabbing might stop. Fingers crossed.



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