How did Thursday come so quickly?  Probably because I’ve been rushing around all week, picking up medications, getting the car tuned up for my trip next week, and regularly checking the mailbox for that ever elusive tax refund.  You know…the one they have promised twice will be “arriving shortly.”

It was supposed to be a direct deposit…so easy.  But because they messed up (along with the trust that issues my checks), they have taken this tack.

Perhaps it would serve me better to forget about it.  Focus on other things.  Hence, next week’s trip to “beach country,” where my youngest son and his wife have been living for almost two years.  And I haven’t been up there once!

So it’s long overdue.  Below, a photo of my son and his dog, walking the beach.  It looks like a wonderfully peaceful place to live…10 hours away! 


Chris and dog on beach - nov***

Every summer, I feel as though I must go to the beach.  Yet it has been years since I did so.  I think it was 2010 when a friend and I drove to Morro Bay and stayed in a cottage belonging to my daughter’s in-laws.  It was lovely and memorable…and it doesn’t quite make up for all the years I’ve missed.

When I was a child, we went to Santa Cruz every summer for a couple of weeks.  We stayed in the same place, a little cottage, and my mother always cooked up some salmon, our favorite fish which we got at the wharf.  I can still smell the cooking scents….and feel the cool breeze.

Ah, the childhood memories do sometimes remind us of what we love.  What we should never forget.  Family connections and special places that call to our souls.

This Sunday, before Fiona and I head up north, my second son and his three kids, (no longer kids, actually), will meet us at The Elephant Bar for lunch.  Our semi-annual gathering.  Fiona and her brother Dominic will be there, along with my daughter, her son Noah, and her fiance David.

Heather has already texted me this morning, begging for another venue.  For some reason, she doesn’t like The Elephant Bar.  I told her everyone else wanted to go there, and to please join us.  She quibbled a bit…and then gave in.  Here is last summer’s photo of our gathering.  Dominic was missing from that day because he had to work.  I love the ambience of the restaurant, and taking photos by the big elephant.  LOL.



family gathering 1***

I’m doing laundry this morning, getting ready for the trip.  My bedroom is a chaos of assorted luggage, small bags, etc.  My daughter borrowed my best sized luggage for her trip later in August…Hmm, I should have held it back until after my trip.  Instead, I have a jumble of duffle bags, etc.  But…nothing will stop me now!

Off to the shore!


Smith River - site of bloody battle


What are your plans for the remaining summer days?  Any beach trips?  Or, like me in previous years, reading good beach books?




Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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