Good morning, and welcome to my quirky blog…and check out the fun I had on PicMonkey today!

My new header is the result of some of that fun…and the unexpected results, which, while not the “designer” kind of outcome, made me smile with delight.

Playing around with the “sketch” tool, the drawing tool…and then the shaping one resulted in what you see above.  Of course, I had to add some text and some creatures.


Today I’ve written three posts, and that seldom happens.  But, for whatever reason, I’m in the mood to “play” on the computer, visit blogs, and enjoy that extra cup of coffee.



june 3 office 4


I’m not avoiding my books, as I’m quite immersed in The Perfect Girl…and also checking out what I want to read next.  Intrusion, perhaps.  I need the occasional short book, and this one has 258 pages.








Do I want to go out today?  I did go yesterday for a light dinner at Marie Callender’s, around the corner.  I took my book along.



dinner with Marie


But it’s too hot to go out again….thinking I should stick close to home, curling up here….



June 15 - living room changes


What are your Hump Day plans?  Staying cool?  Going out?



  1. Three posts – I see you are doing your own thing before the advent of grandson. I was out Monday and Tuesday, so definitely staying in today! Caught a break yesterday as it was overcast and that kept the temperature way down.

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    1. I think we’re down in the 90s today….but I’ll have to check before I go out. And yes, when I’m stuck inside, I tend to blog more. Although I picked up The Perfect Girl again, and the more I read, the better I like it. Thanks for visiting, Dagny.

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  2. Okay you may need to do regular posts on your Marie Callender visits lol. I am loving the look of that (is it a pot pie) on the right- whatever it is, it looks fabulous. The salad doesn’t look half bad either! Anyway back to Picmonkey lol- I’ve heard you can do s omuch w/ it and I really need to get trying it out.

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    1. I do love Marie Callender’s, too; I almost always have the chicken potpie with the Caesar salad…and it comes with a piece of pie, which I take home for later…lol.

      I tried the free PicMonkey first…and then there were free trials for the royale, which costs 9.99 a month if you sign up after the free trial, and with that, you can do everything they have to offer.

      But I would recommend the free trial first, to see if you like it.

      Thanks for stopping by, Greg.


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