June 5 - in the nook

Good morning!  The weekend lies ahead, and I am caught up in several obsessions:  my current read, All the Missing Girls, by Megan Miranda (NetGalley); Netflix, and Orange Is the New Black; plus….more episodes of Revenge, Season III.





The weeks fly by…and then the weekends feel like a time to slow down, vegetate, and sleep late.  Of course, I never seem to sleep late, rising at my usual time, but starting the day slowly.  Maybe I’ll have coffee here, at the new set-up, now that the bench has arrived.



June 17 -weekend plans


I will certainly spend part of the day in my little office, with a cup of coffee and enjoying the sight of my fairytale figurines.  Note the two-sided stepmother/witch image on the right.



June 17 - coffee morning


Maybe I’ll set up my Netflix viewing here:



May 7 breakfast in bed with Netflix


Or…if the morning is cool, I could set up here:



may 24 another look at the patio


What possibilities are you pondering for the weekend ahead?  Enjoy!



June 5 Madeine Hatter & Coffee Cup




  1. I’m attending an all night writing event in Brighton tomorrow evening – wish me luck:). What a lovely option to set up your laptop outside. We’ve been having torrential rain and thunderstorms the last few days and it’s been very cool again… Have a great week-end, Laurel.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t sit outside with my laptop very often, as the hot sun beats down very early. But I like to fantasize about it, and actually go out whenever it’s cool enough. Enjoy your writing event, and thanks for stopping by, Sarah.


    • Shopping can be fun, Patty…I need to do some! After I purged the clothes I don’t wear out of my closet, I realized I don’t have that many outfits….

      Enjoy shopping. Is Den a good shopper? Afterwards, you two can have a nice lunch or dinner somewhere.


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