Good morning!  It’s my first Hump Day Potpourri in a while…the kind of event that focuses on my quirkiness…and the images that spotlight it.  Like my fairytale image above.  Those goats going over the bridge are on my mantle (below), along with a few other fairytale characters.  As you can also see, I have some quirky clocks above the mantle, too.





I’ve changed the theme here, and also on Snow Sparks, to one called Scratchpad.  Check out the fun features.

Meanwhile, I’m loving Terrible Virtue, and I’m only pages away from the finish line.  As I gather my thoughts, I am drawn into a quandary, as this very admirable woman was definitely no saint.  But saints don’t usually interest me, anyway.





Up next?  I think I will start reading Mother Knows Best, by Karen MacInerney, a story that shows that things aren’t going well for private investigator and mom Margie Peterson. Her husband, Blake, is claiming his taste for drag queens is “just a phase.” Her first-grade daughter isn’t fitting in at her new posh elementary school, Holy Oaks Catholic School. And her hippie mother has swept into town and replaced the family’s store of processed foods with seaweed snacks.





Talk about quirky!  And that cover…well, it makes me smile.


Now that Spring has really sprung here, we are also having a taste of summer, with 90 degree weather outside.  What a dilemma!  What happened to mild days?  Days that would invigorate me and take me outside to stroll?

Well, I should know better, since here we seem to have Long Hot Summer, Brief Fall, a Little Bit of Winter…and almost nonexistent Actual Spring.

I’ve lived in these parts for forty-four years, so I should know how it goes here.  We came here in 1971 from Sacramento, which is just slightly better than the Central Valley, but we landed in the west part of this county where fog banked us in for most of the winter.  So moving 70 miles from there seemed like a good trade off. (Below), here we are living in the desert part of the county, in a small mobile home.  I felt stuck…check out the three small children.  LOL.  Back then, television wasn’t anything like it is now…we had three channels and rabbit ears, and when it was foggy or stormy, nothing came in.




Rain & three sons



I could move from here now…but I still have one (adult) child here and three grandchildren.  So…yes, the city where I now live is so much better than where I started in these parts.  I live in the Northern part of the city in the middle of a thriving neighborhood with malls…and the TV is wonderful!  Amazon Prime, Netflix, movie channels, DVRs….what more could I want?

Okay…I am just not a fan of moving.  In the 1970s, I moved fourteen times, mostly in this area, but it was a major upheaval every time.

Could I move across the state, or even out of the state?   Is my comfort zone really about comfort?  Or fear of change?


What are your obsessions about these days?  What are you reading, doing, or thinking about?


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    1. Thanks, Patty…the boys look back on those photos and make remarks about the clothes and hairstyles…but I loved the bangs and the blonde hair from the sun.

      Trying not to obsess is a full-time job, isn’t it?


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