bookish thursdays

Welcome to Thursday, a day that once seemed lost, with nothing exciting happening anywhere.  But then that changed, and today I am celebrating some of the bookish events around the blogosphere, like Lexxie’s Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts; Kimberlyfaye’s TBR Thursday; and Christine’s Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts.

My featured book today has been on my TBR since July 2014.  Buried in a Bog, by Sheila Connolly,  takes the reader to Ireland, where our MC, Maura Donovan, fulfills her grandmother’s last wish for her to visit the village Leap, to find some kind of treasure.



Our “foodie” section – Thirsty Thursday/Hungry Hearts:

“…Ellen set a plate heaped with food in front of Maura.

” ‘Oh, my.  What’s this?’ She poked a round slice of something the color of tar.

” ‘Blood sausage—Clonakilty’s famous for it.  You don’t need to eat it if you don’t want to.’

” ‘It really is made from blood?’

” ‘That it is, among other things.  Give it a try.’

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as Gran had often said.  Ellen watched, Maura quartered the piece, speared a quarter with her fork, and stuck it in her mouth.  She chewed thoughtfully.  Not bad, as long as you avoided thinking about what it was made from.  There were a lot of chopped oats in the mix somewhere, and a touch of seasoning.  Definitely not American sausage….”

(I lost my appetite!)


For TBR Thursday:  I can’t imagine why I haven’t read this one yet!  Soon…

Honoring the wish of her late grandmother, Maura Donovan visits the small Irish village where her Gran was born—though she never expected to get bogged down in a murder mystery. Nor had she planned to take a job in one of the local pubs, but she finds herself excited to get to know the people who knew her Gran.

In the pub, she’s swamped with drink orders as everyone in town gathers to talk about the recent discovery of a nearly one-hundred-year-old body in a nearby bog. When Maura realizes she may know something about the dead man—and that the body’s connected to another, more recent, death—she fears she’s about to become mired in a homicide investigation. After she discovers the death is connected to another from almost a century earlier, Maura has a sinking feeling she may really be getting in over her head…


Here are some Bookish/Not So Bookish Thoughts:

  • Yesterday, I went to Cheesecake Factory with a friend…soup, and a slice of cheesecake…delicious!  But I was too full to eat dinner later!
  • How can it be Thursday already?  It was just Monday a minute ago…or so it seems;
  • Yesterday I found some old photos in a box and scanned them.  Here’s one of me and my daughter when she was a baby…thirty-some years ago!  Oh, that hair of mine!  Yikes….
  • rain-heather-oct-1976
  • Currently, I’m reading a book called Domestic Secrets, by Rosalind Noonan, a book about friendship, secrets, and shattering revelations…good, right?
  • I need to do a little housework…ugh!  Cleaning the microwave by steaming a bowl of water and vinegar…I’ve heard it makes the task easier;
  • Now I’m off to visit some blogs….enjoy the day!


What is your Thursday like?  Join in and share some thoughts….


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  1. Yeah… no… blood stuff is not something I enjoy, but we also had blood sausage sometimes when I was little… I think it was a remnant from the war, and my grand-parents enjoyed showing us what they were eating when there wasn’t much to eat at all.
    Thanks for sharing the first food quote that didn’t make me crave something, Laurel-Rain 😉


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lexxie…and my maternal grandmother (Swedish) used to talk about “blood pudding,” so when we went to one of the Swedish Smorgasbords she offered, we were nervous about that. LOL.


  2. kgriffin3227

    I don’t think I want any of the blood sausage, but I’ll go to The Cheesecake Factory any day! Unfortunately the closest one to us is about two hours away, but we just have to go sometimes because, mmm! That book sounds interesting, I’d read it. Thanks for visiting my blog!


  3. Patty

    I really use a lot of peroxide, baking soda and white vinegar for cleaning…it just feels safer? Greener? So…we can leave out the blood sausage but I love books like the Irish one.


    1. Oh, I agree, Patty…I use white vinegar and water to clean my coffee pot, too, and yesterday, when I was cleaning the microwave, the “clean” light lit up on my coffee pot, so there was a scent of vinegar everywhere.

      Baking soda is great for removing coffee stains from cups.

      And yes, the blood sausage leaves an “ick” feeling inside, but Ireland and the pubs…my eldest son lived there a while and has many photos and stories about the place. And the “pissin’ rain,” as he frequently goes on about.


    1. No worries…it’s never too late! I found that water and vinegar hint on one of the “Apartment Therapy” blogs I follow. It was easy and worked!

      Yes, cheesecake is always good….Thanks for stopping by, Lianne.


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