an ordinary hump day in March

Enter my Morning World…coffee and my Laptop, Louisa May, enjoying the discoveries that greet me in that world.

Like today being one of my paydays!  I always forget that March 31 is Cesar Chavez Day here in California, which means that my county pension arrives one day earlier.  How could I forget such an important event?  Well, I do like being surprised….

Now…if only my State tax refund would show up!  It will be four weeks tomorrow since I filed…and usually it takes one or two weeks.  But…I’ve heard that the State is “running late” this year, whatever that means.

Meanwhile…I have plenty on which to focus today, like a task that involves shredding some old paperwork that was clogging up my desk area.  This is as far as I’ve gone, a stack of paperwork and a trash bag….the black trash bag is ready for me to empty the shredder, and I dread this every time.  Somehow, the bits and pieces from inside manage to spew forth onto the carpet. 



March decluttering

In looking at this photo, I see the blinds are still askew from being broken this summer by my clumsy son…LOL.  When they were staying here, he wanted to close the blinds a little more, and got overly zealous.  I hesitate to call the management, as I have had several broken things over the years…is there a limit?  Will they disapprove?  Ha.  I’ve been a pretty good tenant for these nine years, the longest I’ve ever lived in a rental condo.  So I should just bite the bullet and call.


On a brighter note:  the twins, Lilly and Bella, just celebrated their second birthday.  I haven’t even met them yet, these two adorable step-great-granddaughters.  They live in North Dakota, and I only see them on Facebook…sigh.



Lilly & Bella - Two!

Here’s one of them:  I don’t know which one this is.  I sent the question to the mom, Colleen, and haven’t heard back yet:


Twin 1 or Twin 2 - which


Meanwhile…my second son (living in LA) had a nice spring break with his three kids:


My Awesome son & Three A's

Now that the two oldest ones are away at college (Alec, right, at Berkeley; and Aubrey, left, at San Diego State University), they are hard to pin down.

Aaron, middle, is a senior, and will also be away next year.

How did they all grow up so fast?  Just the other day, it seems, they were these three, here at my mom’s house with their dad, a rare occasion:




Here I am, procrastinating….I’m not getting that shredding done by playing on this post.  But maybe it can wait until this afternoon.  Right?

Tomorrow I have errands to run…and then a hair appointment with the lovely Heather, a time of more than styling.  A time to chat.  Here she is on Mother’s Day, with Noah.


Heather and Noah - Mother's day 2


Today I’m reading Virgin River, a book that’s been on Pippa for a while (since September 2014).  I’m loving it so far!  A small town in the mountains that is a combination of unsettling and cozy for a girl from LA.





Enjoy your Hump Day!  What are you up to today?


Married to Books with Friend



    • Oh, I agree about the mini-series of OJ…I didn’t watch the trial, back in the 1990s, which was on constantly, preempting everything else, which only irritated me. One thing I do recall, though, is how little the Cuba Gooding portrayal resembles the real OJ. THAT annoys me, as I think they could have done better.

      I don’t know if the real Johnny Cochran was as outrageous as the actor’s characterization…but I want to throw things at him. He certainly loves stirring up everything.

      Enjoy that lunch, Patty, and thanks for stopping by.


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