bookish thursdays

Welcome to Thursday, a day that once seemed lost, with nothing exciting happening anywhere.  But then that changed, and today I am celebrating some of the bookish events around the blogosphere, like Lexxie’s Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts; Kimberlyfaye’s TBR Thursday; and Christine’s Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts.

My TBR book featured today is the fifth in the Lizzy Gardner Series:  Almost Dead, by T. R. Ragan.  A P. I. with something to avenge, after her fiance Jared was shot (in the last book), Lizzy is dealing with her comatose love, while trying to solve some murders.  I like this series set in my old stomping grounds of Sacramento, CA.





In this “foodie” description, Lizzy was hanging out at the office with her friend and colleague, Hayley, who is taking care of her during her time of need.  Hayley has whisked her off somewhere while she was half out of it, drunk, and she wakes up to strange surroundings:

This was no hotel—it was a house.  A ridiculously large house.  Halfway down a long stretch of carpeted stairs, she got a whiff of bacon.  Her stomach rumbled in a bad way.

Despite the never-ending square footage, the kitchen was easy enough to find.  Kitally stood in front of the stove, flipping pancakes.

“You’re just in time.  Bacon and pancakes.  If you prefer eggs, I can make them to order.”

“Just coffee.  I just need coffee.”

“Cream and sugar?”

“No, thanks.  Black.”


I could use some bacon and pancakes right now!  What do you think?  Our MC is a little hung over, wanting only coffee, apparently.  Now…why has this one been on my stacks for such a long time?  I purchased it in April 2015, and I have another in the series to read as well.  But you know how it is…the best of plans and all.


On to some Bookish/Not So Bookish Thoughts:

  • I woke up very early this morning; 4:30 a.m….upset stomach, thanks to the new meds again.  Time to toss them out?
  • All over the blogosphere, some are recording “a day in the life” with Trish, at Love, Laughter, & a Touch of Insanity.  I didn’t record a day, but I think I might try it…tomorrow?
  • I’m shivering here; I even had to turn on the heater for the first time in weeks; I think it’s going to rain, too;
  •  Maybe I’ll take a nap…



  • Then I might keep reading one of the two current books on my stacks, Somewhere Out There, which has totally captivated me;



  • Tonight is the Shonda Rhimes line-up for Thursday (Grey’s Anatomy, and a new show called The Catch); I don’t watch Scandal;
  • Tomorrow I want to see a movie, and I’m considering Hello, My Name is Doris, with Sally Field;



  • All week long, I’ve been participating in Bloggiesta, mostly at my Curl up and Read site.
  • Now I’m going to check out some of the bloggers participating in this Thursday event, and I’ll have some coffee, please!  Not the mimosa today, though.


Coffee, Mimosa, & reading - 2




  1. No mimosa today? It seems like a good day for a mimosa! 😀

    Iʻve been wanting to do a Day In The Life post for quite some time now…I just havenʻt gotten around to it. Maybe Iʻll join you and Trish in the link up!

    So sorry that your meds are making you feel sick! I hate the negative side effects some medicines have…it may fix one problem, but it causes another.

    Have a great day!


  2. Ah, bacon and coffee–two of the most enticing smells. Toast has it too, but not really pancakes.

    Our weather has been all over the place too. Near 80 one day and a day or so later, down to freezing at night. I managed to get by without turning on the furnace by hanging out in a room with a space heater. Even the meteorologist on one of the local stations quipped about this, saying that they had to turn on the furnace and he bet that his wife bumped it up a couple of degrees as soon as he walked out the door.


    • Nothing helps, Patty, so I just got off the phone with the pharmacist and he agreed that the meds aren’t working for me. I asked him if it would be a problem to go back on the old medication that has worked for years, and he said “no.” Any slight risks might not apply to me, since it worked effectively with no side effects.

      I e-mailed the doctor to let her know. Will not talk to her, as she does not listen. Hoping to make some changes in doctors, but the options are bleak. Kaiser…Yikes!


  3. I just got to know about the movie Hello My Name is Doris. Watched the trailer and thought it would be fun to watch too. Hope you’ll enjoy that! 🙂


  4. I saw a few bloggers had done ‘a day in the life’ posts – I enjoyed reading them (although fear mine would be terribly boring – just taxiing kids around… Maybe it would be an interesting exercise to see just how I spend my time?!).

    And Sally Field is always a YES 🙂


  5. One of these days I would like to participate in Bloggiesta, it looks like a lot of fun and very handy in organising one’s blog! 🙂

    How did you find The Catch? I had no idea it was a Shonda Rhimes television show until the other day; I keep seeing the posters everywhere xD


    • I saw the previews for The Catch while watching Grey’s Anatomy, etc.

      Bloggiesta is fun, and the best part…you can do as little or as much as you wish. Thanks for stopping by, Lianne, and enjoy your week.


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