office on march 23

The photo above was taken by iPhone today…Yes, Phoebe has been put to work.  On the bookshelf, I rearranged a few things, like my copy of Heartburn, which I wrote about in a post yesterday over at An Interior Journey, an homage to Nora Ephron.

It’s an ordinary Hump Day here, but all through the blogosphere, others are participating in something called A Day in the Life.  I didn’t write about mine yet…the host, Trish, says it’s not too late.  Maybe Friday.  Check out some of the posts at her site.

So far this week, I’ve been making changes, both visible and behind the scenes, due to Bloggiesta.  Curl up and Read has been the primary target of my efforts.

I’ve also changed a few headers and/or backgrounds here and there:  An Interior Journey, here, at Potpourri, and even over at Serendipity.  Nothing escapes me during this week long event.

I spent a lot of time at my primary target blog going back to early posts and correcting broken links.  When you merge or delete blogs, like I have done, you are bound to find some you weren’t aware of.  Sigh.


Last night, I watched another episode of the OJ Miniseries, and I’m really annoyed by Cuba Gooding’s portrayal.  I wonder why he was chosen?  He bears no resemblance (physically, or in mannerisms) to the real OJ we have seen on our TVs or in the news…and it is distracting to watch him.

I keep viewing it, however, enjoying the Marcia Clark character and the occasional sightings of the real Dominick Dunne, who loves writing about real-life events…and he wrote about this case:  Another City, Not My Own.

I read it a few years ago…but downloaded the e-book for a reread.  I know, when will I have time to reread anything?


Today I’m reading two books, a rare event, but I also did it last week:

Brooklyn, by Colm Toibin, and Somewhere Out There by Amy Hatvany:










So far, I’m keeping them nice and separate in my head, as they are very different books.  The only way reading more than one book works for me.

On my coffee table sits a hardcover book that I might also try…it’s a memoir, and very different too, and I’ve had it for a while:  Born with Teeth, by Kate Mulgrew.  I love when I go to the Amazon page and it tells me when I purchased a book:  this one was purchased on May 5, 2015!





I have enjoyed the author’s portrayals in various movies, but most recently, she has captivated me in how she inhabits the role of “Red” on Orange is the New Black.

When I visit my Netflix page and look at my queue, I am reminded that I haven’t binge-watched anything for a couple of days.  Most recently, I have been immersed in Broadchurch.

A murder mystery, with a focus on the townsfolk and the DCs who are investigating.  Set somewhere in England.


What does your Hump Day look like?  How is your week shaping up?




Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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