Anne & Heidi dolls

Yesterday, as I enjoyed my “rejuvenation” at my daughter’s salon, I scrolled through photos on my iPhone Phoebe, and found this one, snapped fairly recently.  The two dolls have taken up residence on my bed….when I’m not sleeping in it.

Raggedy Ann was a doll my mother made for my daughter Heather, who, even as I showed her the photo yesterday, shook her head.  She doesn’t want the doll.  I have several of her dolls from childhood, including the one on the right called Heidi, given to me at my baby shower before she was born.

An Annie doll is “living” in my wicker trunk in the office.  I got that one for her when I saw the play in LA, in 1980.  Below, the three dolls once sat on a bookshelf in my office nook…now my mini-office, with laptop, etc.


another office shelf - sept 29

That one is a bit more “beaten up,” (I even had to sew up some tears), so she did play with it.  But with three older brothers, she learned a lot about how to fix things, including cars, while also looking very feminine.  A tricky balance.  Below, Heather with her new guy.  In this shot, they were on a cruise, a recent adventure. 



It is probably a good thing that she and I are so different.  I always wanted the doll collection that she had and didn’t enjoy that much—except for a short period of time with her Barbie dolls—so now I have it!

The Barbie dolls and her Cabbage Patch dolls were in the attic when I packed up my house to move a few years ago…and those dolls mysteriously disappeared.  One of the “helpers” helped himself.

So…now I am rejuvenated, and have enjoyed my little traipse down memory lane.  What does your weekend look like?


This post will be linked to West Metro Mommy Reads.  Tonight and tomorrow, I’ll be spending time with granddaughter Fiona, before I take her to the train.  She’ll be in the Bay Area for a few days. (Below:  one of the “versions” of Fiona that I enjoy).  She changes up her look on a daily basis, I think.


fiona's new look - 3



  1. I always enjoying seeing your connections to your family. I am like your daughter about dolls. I for whatever reason never liked dolls. I did like my barbie dolls… but other dolls I don’t know why but they kind of scared me. I had a Raggedy Ann doll, I don’t recall where I got her but she was about 3 feet tall and came with an Andy doll too. I made mom keep them in the garage because they kind of scared me. 🙂


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