resized bathtub

Welcome to my Hump Day Potpourri of Fantasies.

I love beautiful interiors, and most of the time, I am happily cozy in my own.  Rearranging things obsessively, of course, trying to put a new spin on things.  But I am also an avid collector of Pinterest images, so today is all about some of my favorites.  Like that bathtub above.

This office has long been a favorite, too, with the art on the walls, the comfy couch nearby, and the orange telephone.


resized office

Then there is my love of vintage, and while I can’t imagine actually living with this kitchen, I do love looking at it. 


resized kitchen


The splashes of red are my favorites, though.  Remember my stuff?  From fantasy to reality, just for a minute….I love those dishes in the front, (below) which I use (Franciscan Apple), and the ones in the back belonged to my mother and are for show.  My coffee pot and toaster cheer me up in the mornings.


colorful kitchen stuff jan

And from the dining room, you catch a glimpse of these images…my Coca Cola ice bucket is where I stash tea bags, Sweet ‘n’ Lo, etc., and then there is my Crockpot.  The “rolling” island, jutting out, is extra counter space. 


January kitchen - crockpot, etc.

The Coca Cola table invites me to sit a spell….


January Sunday papers

My real life fits in nicely with my fantasies, as you can see.  I enjoy both.


Today I’m reading a book that has been seen around the blogosphere for a while:  A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman.    I like this quote:  ““If there was an award for ‘Most Charming Book of the Year,’ this first novel by a Swedish blogger-turned-overnight-sensation would win hands down” (Booklist, starred review).”



The Swedish part captured my interest, (my maternal grandparents grew up in Sweden), but then BLOGGER?  Okay, now I definitely love it already.

Here’s a funny image that may or may not remind you of me:



I just finished reading the second book in Mary Alice Monroe’s “Summer” trilogy, The Summer Wind.  (Click for my review).  The two old women in the books are inspirational in their strength and philosophies on life.





What does your Hump Day look like?  What are your plans for the week ahead?




  1. I love the bathtub…and I love a black and white floor. In the new houses we have been looking at. That shape tub is really common only in white. I hope black and white floors are always around. I love your red toaster, too! Red is my dominant color! Have you used that slow cooker yet? You need to dive in!


    • I love big tubs, but I’ve never had one…sigh. Red is my favorite color for accessorizing rooms….and no, every time I look at the slow cooker recipes, they look too tedious. Sigh. I need something really, really easy to start, just until I get my “feet wet.” LOL Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


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