Happy Sunday!  It has been a while since I celebrated with a Sunday Potpourri post, so I think it’s time to rectify that!

Christmas was great, with some wonderful moments with my daughter and her son, along with some of her friends.  We spent some time watching movies and Netflix…and playing games.


O Christmas Tree - at Heather's

Here is Noah, totally absorbed in one of his new games:


Noah - Christmas 2015

I loved the gifts I got, which included, among other things, a cute mug…and a Crockpot!


Christmas bounty

I don’t have a lot of counter space, so the Crockpot will “live” on this rolling cart next to my counters…and then will rest elsewhere when it’s in use.  We have to be flexible in small spaces…LOL.


My second son sent a photo of his three “A Tots,” as we used to call them, since their names all begin with “A.”  As you can see, they are not tots anymore.  Aaron, the youngest, on the right, is 6’6″…or so.  Aubrey, in the middle, is “tiny” at 5’10”, and Alec is 6’2″.


The Three A's - Dec 25, 2015


Yesterday, I went to see the movie Joy, which I loved…and beforehand, I read and had a cocktail and appetizer….


Sat before the movies in Dec

I am reading a Barbara Delinsky novel that I’ve had for a while….Straight from the Heart, which was originally published several years ago, but came out in Kindle format in 2012.  At any rate, it was one I had missed along the way.




Today, for some reason, I woke up very early…it is not even 6 a.m., and I’ve been up for a couple of hours. 

I am very sure I will nap later…but before then, I hope to clear out some movies on my DVR…and maybe find something on Amazon Videos.

What do you enjoy doing on a Post-Christmas weekend?





  1. I also received a new crockpot for Christmas 🙂 Sounds like you had a lovely celebration with your daughter and grandson. I hope you enjoy the Delinsky book. I’ve only read one of hers – I enjoyed it. I’m glad you liked Joy. It’s on my list.


    • Thanks, Mary; the Delinsky book is different from most of the ones I’ve read of hers. It is more of a romance, and it’s okay, but not my favorite kind of read.

      It works for a quiet week like this one, though. Glad you could stop by…let’s enjoy our crockpots!


  2. Your Christmas sounded lovely…I think I am more excited by the slow cooker than you are! What shall we make first? I can’t wait!

    We spend the day after Christmas just relaxing…and of course there is football…then today more relaxing…but I am making lasagna today…and more football! But it’s football for Den…I usually read!


    • Ha-ha…Yes, you are probably envisioning me making soups and pot roasts…and I am, too, but I haven’t even started reading the recipes yet. I did unpack it and set it up, though. It doesn’t look complicated. I vaguely remember using the one I “lost” in the divorce…funny story, that.

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


  3. Glad you enjoyed the movie! I have read only one Barbara Delinsky book, but I enjoyed it much. I am reading blogs and generally goofing off as Dagny said. Will try to get my library book finished today too. Have a great week.


    • I can’t remember the last Delinsky book I read…but I do have an e-ARC from another similar author that I read occasionally: Joy Fielding. Her style is somewhat like Delinsky’s.

      I’ve been goofing off today too…and napping! Thanks for stopping by, Judy.


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