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All week, I’ve been on a sentimental journey into the Archives here, finding something old that feels new again.

Today’s offering is from a December post in 2009, Sentimental Potpourri:

The summer of 1979 was a summer to remember.  All summer long, the Johnny Mathis song was playing, which reminded me of that movie Same Time Next Year. Very sentimental journey there!


same time next year

Well, I couldn’t believe how captivated I was by this movie from 1978, with Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn!  Was it the romantic idea of a love affair that seemingly transcends time?  Or was it the theme music from Johnny Mathis? (“The Last Time I Felt Like This”).

When I heard the first few strains of that song, I was transported back to the summer of 1979.    That song seemed to be playing everywhere, and I was going through my own romantic odyssey at that time.  It was a bittersweet moment…my spouse and I had decided to go our separate ways.  I was finishing up my master’s degree, and once that was done, we were “splitting the sheets.”  I was feeling “in love” with the possibilities of my new life, while mourning the old one.

So believe me when I say that this movie, which had come out just before this moment in my life, evoked all kinds of memories and issues for me!


Do songs and moments in time conjure up feelings that you thought were long gone?  Do you feel regrets?  Or do you simply smile, realizing that what happened before was necessary, that it led you to where you are today?




  1. I like when something brings back memories. Some are sad, nostalgic, but not really regretted.

    I can still remember back when I was in my 30s and heard a song on the radio and the announcer said it was from twenty years ago. My then boyfriend and I looked at each other with horrified eyes to think it had been that long. Now I’m hearing songs and seeing movies from over fifty years ago. Thank goodness I got over the time shock. 🙂


    • Thanks for visiting, Dagny…I am especially hooked by songs that evoke moments in time, especially the romantic ones. Or the sad ones.

      I still can’t believe that 1979 was SO LONG AGO! Wow! But that year was such a pivotal one…it changed everything in my life, and while it was happening, I didn’t realize how much would change.

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    • That’s how I feel, generally, Patty; sometimes I wonder “what if,” but mostly I realize that things happened for a reason…and everything brought me here, to where I am. Yes, that’s kind of a cliche these days….LOL.


  2. Sometimes that is a hard place to land. That accepting that even the bad things happen for a reason, that they got you where you are today. My daughter is going through her 3rd divorce and it is very painful for all of us. Hard to understand that this is necessary. Probably TMI!


    • Oh, yes, it is hard, Judy….even if you both want to part ways, there are mixed feelings. I have gotten some fodder for my writing from some of my painful life experiences, so that’s good…and no, it’s not TMI for me…as long as you’re comfortable sharing.

      None of my kids got the “perfect” family they probably their childhoods, and not in adulthood, either. But they have turned into interesting, creative people…so there’s that. LOL.


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