handcarved scary people

The hand-carved old man and woman (above) were familiar pieces in my childhood kitchen, and after my mother passed away, I “inherited” them.  My siblings were only too happy to let me have them.  They referred to them as “scary people.”

When I started this blog in July 2009, I wrote a piece about their history, and now they sit atop my stove.

Another gift from my past was a painting my mother created of the farmhouse where she grew up.  My grandmother still lived there for many years, all through my childhood, so it came to represent a part of my life, too. The painting now rests in my bedroom, and when my gaze falls upon it, I think about how The Past Informs the Present.




One Sunday, while I was trying to create a blog header and a post, my granddaughter Fiona, twelve at the time, leaned over my shoulder and watched.  She used to do that when I was writing my novel Chasing Stardust, too.  As if she were awestruck…

After I had settled upon a blog header that day, I wrote this Sunday Morning Potpourri post.


I have enjoyed traipsing down memory lane tonight….and recalling not only childhood moments, but my early blogging years.

What do you like to remember?  Do you have favorite childhood memories?  Early blogging memories?





  1. I loved reading that “older” post…way before I knew you! I think I was a very hesitant scared beginner as a blogger. I thought I had to do what everyone else was doing…seems so funny to me know!

    I was thinking about Halloween in my neighborhood when I was little…that era of home made costumes and full sized candy bars!


    • Oh, yes, for Halloween, we made costumes from sheets! LOL.

      My early posts had tiny photos…except the Scary People were kind of huge….It is fun to look back, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


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