Welcome to Thirsty Thursday & Hungry Hearts, hosted by Lexxie, at (un)Conventional Bookviews.

The idea of Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts is to share a quote with food or drinks that showed up in a recent read, as well as if it’s something you think you’d like or not. Please share the title of the book it happened in, as well as the character who ate or drank the special little something you discovered between the pages of a good read. Please link up beneath, and visit other bloggers who are participating in Thirsty Thursday and Hungry Hearts as well.


Today’s featured book is the second in a trilogy I am enjoying: The Summer Wind, by Mary Alice Monroe.





In this excerpt, Eudora (Dora) is dealing with a divorce and an autistic son, and she has just returned home from a particularly contentious meeting with the lawyers and her ex.  So she is angry and hungry:

Emotional, my ass, she thought as she angrily walked to the kitchen.  She grabbed the bag of takeout chicken she’d brought home and tore it open.  The steamy, greasy deliciousness wafted into the air and made her mouth water.  A wave of guilt swept over her as she pulled out a fried drumstick.  Harper and Carson would have a fit if they saw her eating this.  Dora shook the vision of their scolding faces from her head.  Let them be angry.  And damn the diet and her figure.  She deserved a treat tonight.  Closing her eyes, she bit into the high-calorie food and swallowed hard.  Taking another bite, she didn’t enjoy the taste.  Dora knew the food might fill her up for now, but it wouldn’t touch the real hunger gnawing inside of her. (p.22).


Okay, nothing makes me drool more than fried chicken, especially since I seldom have it.  It’s like a guilty pleasure. (This post is linked to My Guilty Pleasures page).

What treat or tempting food are you sharing today?







  1. I had a very guilty pleasure yesterday – fried clams. I think I almost was feeling sick later in the day from the grease. All good, that will keep my craving away for months, if not years, lol.

    From Notorious Nineteen by Janet Evanovich:

    “Where’s my donut?” I asked her
    “Oops, I guess I ate it.”

    Lucky me. Better on Lula’s thighs than on mine. Especially since I was going to have to squeeze into a cocktail dress tomorrow night.


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