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Welcome to another Hump Day Potpourri…today our event is led by the Shaker Doll in the photo above.

Wednesdays feel like a pivotal day in the week.  Poised halfway through the week….and with the weekend just ahead, they offer up the chance to really finish the week in style.  I’ve been busily blogging here in my little Office Nook, sipping coffee from a mug I found behind some other mugs…why was it hiding?  I bought it a while ago at Barnes & Noble…the word Reading is all over it, so wouldn’t it be the perfect mug?





Here’s a close-up:






Today I posted about an upcoming release I’m excited about, in Curl Up with a Page Turner: “Missing Pieces.”





I love this author’s work….


Earlier today, I ordered a new book from Amazon Vine…thanks, Patty, at Books, Thoughts, & a Few Adventures, for putting it on my radar.  All the Houses, by Karen Olsson:






After her father has a heart attack and subsequent surgery, Helen Atherton returns to her hometown of Washington, D.C., to help take care of him and, perhaps more honestly, herself. She’s been living in Los Angeles, trying to work in Hollywood, slowly spiraling into a depression fueled by hours spent watching C-SPAN-her obsession with politics a holdover from a childhood interrupted by her father’s involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal. “I don’t know whether to think of him as a coconspirator or a complicit bystander or just someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Though the rest of the world has forgotten that scandal, the Atherton family never quite recovered. While living with her father in her childhood home, Helen tries to piece together the political moves that pulled her family apart.
All the Houses is, at its heart, a father-daughter story. With razor-sharp prose, an alluring objectivity, and a dry sense of humor, Karen Olsson writes about the shape-shifting of our family relationships when outside forces work their way in-how Washington turns people into unnatural versions of themselves, how problematic and overbearing sisters can be, and how familial nostalgia that sets in during early adulthood can prove counterproductive to actually becoming an adult.


What does your Hump Day look like?  Books you are gathering around you, ready to read?  Events to attend?  Nesting to do?




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  1. In the midst of Swans but I keep on stopping to google stuff about Truman and Babe! I need to actually read the book! I love your work nook and the mug!


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