Welcome to Hump Day Potpourri.  Yes, it’s been a long while since we celebrated that particular day here.

I’ve been busy purging things, deleting blogs, and keeping up with my reading.  But none of those activities should take us away from the fun things in life, those guilty pleasures.  And this blog and this event are a tribute to fun and whimsy.

Like finding whimsical headers for this site; check this one out:


PicMonkey Collage-potpourri in oct


If you look at the URL of this site, it seems as though it celebrates fall and winter: http://

But if I could have brought whimsy into the URL, I would have.  But everything I tried was already in use.

When I visit other blogs, I enjoy studying the URLs that they have chosen.  Like mine, I wonder if it was difficult or easy to find one that celebrated the uniqueness of the blog.

Well, my first guess was apparently wrong about that, as I tried a sampling of URLs from the Breaking the Spine site today, where everyone is celebrating upcoming releases, and almost everyone had a perfect URL styled for their site.  Check out my entry, from a site that has a perfect URL:  Curl up and Read.

Oh, well, needless to say, when I couldn’t celebrate the whimsy, I did include parts of my name in this one:  rain, snow.

There is a history to my name, which, as you may have guessed, is not my actual name.  Lorraine Frost….and then I messed it up by changing it to my various married names.  I could have gone with Rainy Frost.  That works, but I incorporated parts of “Lorraine” to create Laurel-Rain.  And Frost became Snow.  TMI?

I Googled my name and came up with a number of images, most of them related to my various sites.  But then I found this one, a song entitled “Rain and Snow,” sung by someone in Big Laurel, NC. 




That made me smile.  Linked to My Guilty Pleasures page.

What makes you smile on a whimsical Hump Day?





  1. What is making me smile is the huge crash I just heard! One of the girls knocked over a lamp…the bulb exploded…the shade cracked…Den yelled at Roxie and it was Lucy!


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