desks for small spaces


Rearranging and changing up my spaces has been an ongoing obsession.  I found this “small space desk” on Pinterest, and I’m loving the clean lines and the abbreviated space.

Who doesn’t love finding solutions for age-old problems?  Like how to make your space work better and suit your needs?  I could really use an additional “office space” for those times when I have house guests, since they generally stay in my office/guest room.  Last time they were here, I set up this temporary space in my dining area, below.



temporary office 2


After they left, I did change up that space, moving around some cupboards (note the green one in the left side of the photo); it is now on the back wall.  The jukebox is in my bedroom, and I moved some other cupboards around.

Still…the temporary office space is not the best solution.  Below, note the final changes to the dining area…see that there is room to walk behind the table…and I can bring my laptop and some of my handy bookish notebooks, etc., into this space.  But it’s not ideal.  However, I do like working close to the coffee pot!





But wouldn’t it be great if I could create a space like the one above in, say, my bedroom?  That bulky rolltop could move, and a built-in desk space could be the perfect solution.

Who am I kidding?  Who would build it?  My clever son who has created bookshelves, etc., is now living 12 hours away!  Maybe that’s why he moved…so he wouldn’t have to keep building stuff.  LOL.






Well, it’s a nice dream, anyway.  Who knows what could happen?  Do you find things on Pinterest that start the creative juices flowing?  What do you do about those dreams?  For now, I have them in a photo file.



  1. The photo you found on Pinterest is eye-catching with all the white and the clean lines. But I love your spaces much better. They have so much of interest and speak to me of home and hearth. The stark white would get old for me.


    • Yes! I often move things around and use them for different purposes….like a barbecue cart that was shelving for books for a while. Now it’s in my garage, as additional storage. Thanks for stopping by, Patty, and I definitely could go nuts with the Pinterest boards.

      Today I’m scrubbing things, vacuuming, etc., getting ready for the descent of the house guests!


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