Monday Potpourri




Good morning, and Happy Labor Day to all who celebrate it!

When I opened my front door this morning to retrieve the newspaper—and yes, I am subscribing again—I felt a cool breeze.  What fun!  So I then slid open the patio door to let the breezes in.  They won’t last long, of course.  But while I was there, I snapped the above photo, enjoying the play of light on the objects, and smiling a bit at the “weed” that thinks it is a tree.

Here is another shot from the patio door:





I swept and dusted the patio yesterday, in anticipation of the Berliners’ Return on Friday.  My DIL Gabi loves sitting out on the patio to read.  Even when it’s warm, as she loves our hot summers here, so different from the cooler climes in Berlin.

They are coming back on Friday!  After spending the week going down the coast of California, from SF to Morro Bay.

Last week, their car was stolen from the front of my ex-husband’s house….and so much sadness ensued.  But then it was recovered the next day, and surprisingly, it was intact!  While mourning the loss, my son had his head shaved…as you can see in this “happy photo” after the return.



the return of the car


The car is an oldie…they just needed something like this Honda to get them around for the three months they are here.  They will sell it before returning to Europe (Prague, this time).

Meanwhile, in anticipation of their return, I have cleared out the office again.  Note the filing cabinet, ready for some of their things, and the trunk, mostly empty…it will be shoved into the Nook when the sofa bed is open:




Stuff from the rest of the room ended up in here (below)…all the dolls are in a nearby closet.  Sorry, girls!





This week will involve a bit of cleaning and polishing, ready for more fun and frolic.

Meanwhile, I will read like crazy, knowing that next week will probably not be a reading week.


Today I’m reading The In-Between Hour, by Barbara Claypole White, which I am enjoying…but scarcely got into it over the weekend due to my Mad Men bingeing on Netflix.







What are your Labor Day plans, if today is a holiday for you?  Reading, bingeing, whatever?




  1. You are busy again! We are relaxing…reading…watching tv…playing with kitties…doing laundry…Den works tomorrow so we aren’t doing much today! Our guilty pleasure is Bachelor In Paradise…so bad yet sooo good!


    1. Oh, I haven’t watched that one….but whenever I find something I like, I’m hooked.

      This time, I thought I would get ahead of things….before, they kind of shoved my stuff aside….so I wanted to get a head start…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Patty, and enjoy! I also want to make a potato salad today.


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