Sunday Potpourri




I was happily immersed in the Series Finale of Breaking Bad, only minutes away from the dramatic conclusion, when….oh, no!  Everything went black!

Yes, I am spoiled.  Power outages do not happen often here, and they usually occur during a storm…but also during very hot weather, when everyone is using the air conditioning.

I was at that point in the show where the intensity was great…but then again, when isn’t it?  Then I remembered my iPhone, Phoebe.  Yay, Phoebe, where I had downloaded the Netflix app.

Yes, small screen, but I could still watch.  Minutes later, the power was back on and I was watching on my TV again.





Today, I plan to start watching House of Cards.






But I also want to resume reading Things You Won’t Say, by Sarah Pekkanen, which I got from NetGalley.  I am loving it so far!







Once the power was back on, and after I had finished watching Breaking Bad, I got restless…and created a new blog header for Rainy Days & Mondays.


PicMonkey Collage-rd in junewith butterflies



Next weekend is a Mini-Bloggiesta, and I will be making over my Serendipity blog.

What do you do during power outages?  And afterwards, do you have a renewed energy?





Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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