Good morning!  Welcome to another peek into my world of Tidbits, Obsessions, Etc.

I spend a lot of time in my office (pictured above), and recently that room, along with several others, went through a slight makeover.  Nothing major.  But I wrote about some of the unexpected discoveries I found along the way in My Interior World:  Echoes of the Past.

The blogs also go through various makeovers during the regular Bloggiesta events that come along:  the major ones, and then there are the mini-bloggiestas, like the one coming in June.

Because I have eleven blogs (yes, crazy, right?), I work on a different one each time.  Although during the major events, I sometimes dabble on several.

The upcoming event will see me working on Serendipity, as, well, it’s time for a new look.  I have a folder of new headers that I am creating.

Meanwhile, I grabbed the camera the other day and snapped some photos of this room: 




Even though I am ruthlessly purging throughout my home, this space will retain a bit of clutter.  I love having the dolls, the bulletin board full of memorabilia, and the family photos layering the walls.  But I have cleaned it up a bit.  Notice that my TBR stack of print books is pretty small.

And on my coffee table/trunk, you can see that my “up next” reads seem manageable.




Of course, most of my new books now go on Pippa, my Kindle…but that’s okay.  Out of sight, out of mind…it’s all good.  Right?




Speaking of Pippa, today I am reading The Hypnotist’s Love Story, by Liane Moriarty…and it is sooo good!  That author never lets me down.






We have two narrators:  Ellen, the hypnotist, and the “stalker,” who turns out to be closer than we think.  I can’t wait to get back to it!

Meanwhile, yesterday, I finished a lovely book from NetGalley, The Lake Season, by Hannah McKinnon.  (Click for my review).






How is your day shaping up?  What obsessions or tidbits inform your life today?



  1. Your office looks a lot like mine – eh, sometimes you just need a room that’s a little cluttered so you can be surrounded by things you like. For me it’s books (of course) and a bunch of things from my kids. Small stuffed animals, art projects, candles. Sometimes I wonder how I fit in here to be honest! 🙂


    1. Yes, for me, there are things on that bulletin board, for example, that I have carried with me from place to place, adding and subtracting bits and pieces. I am sentimental about many things, and it could be as simple as a wooden beaded necklace that I wore in 1970…LOL. (That is something I draped over the cabinet door of a country cupboard in my dining room).

      Thanks for visiting, Denise.


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