Most people who visit this blog, and read my Hump Day Potpourri posts know that I tend to obsess about things.  Yes, that’s what this blog is about, my obsessions, in addition to other tidbits.

Most of you know that Bloggiesta is coming next week, and for the first time, it will last for a week.  But we had our signups earlier this week.

So, of course, that action was a trigger for me.  And right away, I am creating new headers, blog buttons, and working on adding and combining pages at my various blogs.  Not to worry, I still have a lot to do next week, when the Real Bloggiesta begins.

Yes, Curl up and Read is the primary site I will be working on, but I have also taken this opportunity to work on several of my sites.  For the fun of it.

Was that statement an oxymoron?  Can work be fun?

Well, yes, ever since I retired from that “ball and chain” life, my new life as a free lancer has opened up a world of fun, and I could work all day, and not realize it.

work is fun image

For example, I have been here at my computer since 7:00 a.m., and it is now 9:15.  I will probably take a break soon, not because I am no longer having fun, but I need to stretch my legs.

If only exercise was as much fun for me…sigh.


I can’t even imagine doing that, although I did try…once.  It was a while ago…LOL

But reading is fun, and that’s what I will do next.  Sitting at my dining room table, sipping coffee, and with the breeze coming in through the patio door.  I also need to make another jug of iced tea…another obsession of mine through spring and summer.

feb dining area-lightened

Today I’m reading The First Wife, by Erica Spindler….there are secrets, mysterious events, and a lovely setting in Louisiana.



So…now that I have chatted about my obsessions, what are yours?  Come on, you can tell!



    1. Great obsessions! I like things neat, too, although I don’t dust as often as I should…LOL. Thanks for stopping by, Patty; and buying things in multiples sounds like a way to make sure that you don’t run out of things….


    1. That does sound good, Kimba…I am so out of it I don’t even have an iPod…LOL. I bought the Coca Cola dining table and a few of the other memorabilia for my guest house in the foothills; when I downsized, I decided that they should be my main dining furniture here, and I gave the other stuff away. Thanks for stopping by.


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