Good morning!  As I was creating the new blog header for this site last night, I realized that it has been eons since I wrote a Hump Day Potpourri post.



Let’s rectify that!  Since this blog is all about those tidbits, obsessions, etc., I should have plenty to talk about.  Right?

First of all, my bookish life seems to be the main course.  So let’s start there.  Today’s Waiting on Wednesday post featured A Week at the Lake, by Wendy Wax, one of my favorite authors.








And while visiting other WOW posts, I discovered some anticipated releases that went on my list right away!


The Children’s Crusade, by Ann Packer, coming on April 7 was found on Catherine’s Book Club Librarian site.




The story begins in the 1950s, in the area near San Francisco that became the Silicon Valley…and we follow the lives of the family over five decades.  What really captured my interest was the part that described the wife as “a mercurial housewife, at a time when women chafed at the conventions imposed on them. She finds salvation in art, but the cost is high.”

Now I lived in SF in the early 60s, and had my own “feminist” struggles…so I am eager to read more.


Then, on Kay’s Reading Life, I found a book that is the sequel to the one I’m reading now:  Behind Closed Doors, by Elizabeth Haynes, (coming March 31), follows up the first book, Under a Silent Moon.





DI Louisa Smith is working on a case that she had years before, and her inability to solve it has been one of the biggest regrets of her career….


And finally!  After You, by JoJo Moyes, is coming September 29, and it is a follow up to Me Before You.  Excited much?





Now you can see the obsessions coming out…right?  Authors and books that are soon coming…that is a compulsion that keeps me going.  I have my little notebook in which I write them down…and I might even save the covers to my files and bookmark the Amazon page.

You should see my picture folder with covers!  I do delete them after I’ve read and reviewed the book…but yes, it is so full that I have to search…and then search some more to find them.  Too bad they are not in alphabetical order.

If I could figure out how to put them in alphabetical order, I would be pretty happy!


What obsessions (or let’s say interests) keep you going?  What are your Hump Day Thoughts?




Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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