fiona's quirky creations


Quirky creativity is a favorite passion of mine.  And I love this artistic creation (above) by my granddaughter Fiona; in some ways, it seems almost like a self portrait.  There are many versions of Fiona, like the one below:



November Fiona


And then there is this one, which she captioned Bad Hair Day:



Fiona - bad hair day


She has no qualms about changing up her style on a regular basis.  Courage?  Creativity? Quirkiness?

Maybe all of the above.

When I started this blog in 2009, one of my earliest posts was on a Sunday…and Fiona, age twelve at the time, was watching over my shoulder, seemingly fascinated.  I wrote one of my earlier posts about her:  Sunday Morning Potpourri.

We have traveled so many Sundays since then, and I have added an additional seven or so blogs….(there were a few others in between then and now that no longer exist, but there are ten additional sites now).

And back to creativity…here is another version of Fiona’s creative explorations…this one was taken a couple of years ago.





What are some of your quirky obsessions?  What people inspire you to write posts about the topic?




  1. Fiona seems to have that perfect edginess and a true creative spirit…I think that the little bit of quirky edginess I have comes out in my sense of style…and even that is still somewhat safe!


    • Thanks, Patty, and I agree…she does seem to have many versions of herself that she expresses in so many ways. I am a fan! LOL

      My quirkiness comes through my various collections and how I put them together. But I’m not that far out, either.


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