loft bedroom


This photo above, from Pinterest, is one of my favorite bookish spaces.

As much as I love being surrounded by books, especially when creatively arranged, as in this photo, I am committed to an ongoing book purge.  This shelf (below), is one of my favorites, and it is full.  So I am determined not to add more books to this shelf…unless I remove other books from it.



This is another favorite:  my son built it, and gave it a little shabby chic look.  I haven’t added any books to this shelf in a while, and want to keep it that way.




In my bedroom and in my office are several smaller shelves, and there are some in the hallway, too.  From these shelves, I am now regularly purging…and here is what I did Saturday.  I brought a box of books to the neighborhood library.  It was a fairly large box, and you can only see the top layer…but I felt very productive after unloading them.




Hopefully my ongoing purge will keep my shelves manageable.  I am also tossing out the ARCs regularly…and trying to order new books for Sparky.

Except for these two that are in print format and vying for The First Book Read in 2015, Sheila’s Challenge.






What do your bookish spaces look like?  Do you add to your shelves, or purge?



  1. I am not adding to shelves! Ever ever ever again! I am tossing out Arcs…they fall apart anyway! So let’s keep challenging each other to do this! Clothes, too!


    • Yes, absolutely! Now I am tossing out the ARCs as soon as I finish them…and then when I notice them on my bookshelves. And I have a box in the garage where I can regularly put the books to donate, the non-ARCs. Thanks for stopping by, Patty, and for inspiring me to keep purging!


  2. I have one large bookshelf and I only keep as many prints books as I can fit on that plus my desk shelf. Any more than that, and I bring books to the library or Salvation Army thrift shop. I mostly read on my kindle or borrow library books. I like your white bookcases.


    • Thanks for stopping by, Rita; I love the white bookcases, too. They give me a good feeling. I wouldn’t want them to be overstuffed, however, hence my plan to keep purging. I do have other bookshelves (smaller) scattered throughout, but as I empty books, I might be able to move those on out, too.

      Good plan you have, and I mostly read new books on my Kindle too.


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