91U3d-DUvxL._SL1500_When Iona Sheehan heads to Ireland, to County Mayo, she is on a quest. To find her destiny and a sense of belonging.

With her cousins Branna and Connor O’Dwyer, she finds more than she bargained for, and as she begins her instruction to become one of them, she also finds her place working with the horses at the ranch of Boyle McGrath and Finbar Burke. Meara Quinn is also a part of that world.

There is an almost immediate powerful force that connects Iona with a unique horse called Alastar; a horse that others cannot tame or control.

And its owner, Boyle, seems to be part of that connection.

Is it a love thing? Is there a magical pull between them? Or is something more going on?

As Iona struggles to hone her skills as a witch, she recalls the story of her ancestor, Scorcha, and her endless battle with Cabhan, a tale that began in 1263.

Will the struggle continue in the present? And will Iona learn enough to win out over the forces that would defeat her? What final confrontation will continue the battle for the future?

A magical tale of love and the power of destiny, Dark Witch: Book One of The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy was one I could not leave behind. The settings, the characters, and the feeling of magic was refreshing to me, since I don’t usually read this kind of story. This one earned 4.0 stars from me.



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