Office changes - 1 - oct 9

After a flurry of purging and rearranging, my office (above) now seems like a peaceful place to hang out.

Yes, that is ONE book on my coffee table/trunk:  a review book from Vine.  I received one other book this week, but it is still hanging out on the computer table.  And I am currently reading another one, The Bookseller.





An interesting story about alternative lives…in dreams and in reality.

What does my revamped office mean?  Are my book piles banished?

Well, after much reflection, I have abandoned my Mt. TBR Challenge, unfinished.  I completed 32 out of the 36 I had promised to read…mainly because every one of the remaining unread books purchased prior to 2014 (the target of the challenge) failed to engage me.

There were only nine books left.  And all I had to do was read four more of them.  But I’m done!  No more reading of books I don’t wish to read.  No more reading challenges!

I want to focus on the NEW books on my stacks and on Sparky.  Below, note the new books I purchased or won from other blogs.  On the far right are books I purchased to reread:  Gone with the Wind, Rebecca, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Jamaica Inn…to name a few.

On Sparky, there are quite a few.  I would like to concentrate on those as well.




I like the feeling of freedom that comes with this decision.  Who says I have to read books that no longer appeal to me?  I have a starter box in the garage where I am putting books I am done with…for the library collection drive.

Usually I only put in books I have already read…but who made that rule?

Do I seem rebellious?  As if I have gone off the rails?  Or am I finally sane?  What do you do when you are fed up with “must-reads” and obligations?




  1. I say good for you, and I feel the same way! I just don’t want to read books that for some reason no longer appeal to me. People change from year to year, and their taste in reading changes too.
    I plan on reading my “more recently obtained” books (regardless of the year published). My books obtained long in the past can wait their turn until I feel like exploring them or giving them away. Good topic, Laurel!


    • Thanks, Rita, and I am very happy with the decision. I do have a lot of new books on Sparky…I did manage to read the old ones hanging out there.

      And my new print books are more manageable…less than twenty. But there are 67 on Sparky! Yikes!

      But I will read them as they appeal to me….



  3. The books I donate are always a mix of read and unread so it seems perfectly reasonable to me. AS for challenges dictating what you read, well, that depends on how you handle it. I choose challenges that work with what I already have. New books are not chosen for what challenge they’ll fit into. When I finish reading a book, I look and see if it fits any challenges I’m doing. I do try to make my challenge goal but my challenges don’t dictate my reading.

    The exceptions are short challenges that are a week or a month. Those I will work around and accommodate but if I don’t make my goal, I’ve still read some books and they were books I wanted to read. If you let challenges dictate your reading, then yes, a lot of the fun goes out of reading.

    It sounds like you’ve come up with a system that will work for you, and that’s what counts. Good luck with it!


    • Thanks, Bea, and the Mt. TBR Challenge was working for me until this year, when I pledged to read 36 books purchased before 2014. Too many! And I got to the “dregs,” as I said. Books that I probably shouldn’t have purchased and had been on my stacks for more than seven years.

      I did another challenge this year, Southern Literature; that was only four books and was easy to complete.


  4. I plan on joining just a few challenges in 2015. I do good at first and then start forgetting to add them to the linky. I plan on not doing so many reviews and tours either. I’m getting burnt out due to all the commitments. I just want to read/blog for fun, not because I have to.. It only makes me slack on the things that are more important to me where my blog is concerned.


  5. Wow…good for you, Laurel-Rain! I applaud your decisions and celebrate your new-found freedom. Reading your post really resonated with me. I am often frustrated by not getting to read the newest books (many pre-publication) because I feel a sense of obligation to reading the ones that came before them.

    I did manage to purge a lot of unread books recently with donations to charity book sales. I also have no problem returning library books unread. I need a revised strategy for all the books that compete for my attention and the limited time I have to read them.

    Thanks for the motivating post!


  6. Yes, I have those fed up moments where something must change. I wanted to finish this mystery today. Only because I loitered around last week. The week was going past, and it looked like I wasn’t reading anything. I had to stop that train. Because if I lose my reading, I lose my good mood. Hope your change works for you. Dying to hear about The Bookseller.


  7. Oh, you are motivating me to do something very similar. I agree – why are any of us forcing ourselves to read books we are no longer interested in. It makes no sense. Good for you!


  8. I am a firm believer in doing your hobby (reading) the way you want or it becomes work! I have read a few books that I otherwise would not have because of a challenge, some were awesome and some not so much. I do only a few challenges now. My reading is for me and me alone! Glad you have made some positive changes! Way to go!


  9. I really should go through my TBR shelves and see if any can go in a donation box. Some have been there quite a while and I can’t remember why I got them in the first place. Of course, I want to give each a try before I get rid of it. It might be a really amazing story. With as many review books as I get, I don’t have much time to actually look at my TBR mountain.


    • It is definitely something I wouldn’t be doing it I hadn’t signed up for the Mt. TBR Challenge…and to be fair, I had whittled down the stacks considerably before reaching the bottom and finding nothing I wanted to read! Thanks for stopping by, Kathy.


  10. That’s exactly why I mostly stopped accepting review books. I was tired of the pressure of feeling like I had to read something (and review it) on a deadline. Now I read what I want, when I want, and post (or not) when I feel like it. It works much better for me!

    I just turned my “office” (read–junk room) into my library space. I got new shelves, a couch, everything. All my books won’t fit on the shelves so I got rid of a lot of them, including unread books. It felt great!


    • That must have felt great, Jen…I do love making my space over and making it fit whatever new reality I’m living. Thanks for stopping by!

      I still review occasionally, but have no problem turning down most of the requests. I like the Vine reviews, because I can pick and choose the books.


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