Last night, I kept waking up so that I could read some more.  The book I am currently reading is one that took me a while to connect with, although I am quite fond of British mysteries.  A Question of Guilt, by Frances Fyfield, is quite different from the ones I’ve read before.




But I really like the MC Helen West.  The author describes her appearance, her settings, and her routines in such a way that I feel as though I know her.  And that I’d like to curl up on her sofa and chat.

Do you get that comfy feeling with favorite characters?  Does it make you want to enter the book and join them?

Unfortunately, when I read throughout the night, I often dream about the book afterwards…and in this case, I dreamed that I was writing the review, and trying to get the words just right.

Sometimes I have a really tough time capturing what I love about a book.

Next I hope to read Then and Always, by Dani Atkins, a Vine review. 




Speaking of Vine, I am totally miffed about the infamous queue…which never has any books on mine.  Yes, I can go to Vine for All, but I’m wondering why they thought this was a good idea?  And how the queue is supposed to work for us?

Anyway…rant over.  The member forums show others feeling frustrated, but some of them believe there is a system…

I may have to opt out of the program…although as long as I can get books on VFA, I probably shouldn’t.

This past week, I actually read two books from my Mt. TBR Stack (for the challenge).  Books purchased before 2014.

Here’s my Weekly Update.


PicMonkey Collage-fall serendipity


Today I want to hook up my laptop to the big TV and watch Netflix.  Lately I’ve been too lazy…and there is always the pull toward whatever book I’m reading.  Maybe I can do both.




On October 1st, Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix!  All seven seasons, which I know I haven’t seen.  I never watched it until it came to ABC Family, where I started recording it.




Yes, sometimes they annoy me…LOL.  But they are kind of fun, too…and now they feel like friends.  What do you think of them?



  1. I am so sorry that you are unhappy with Vine…it really doesn’t bother me and there are always tons in VFA…plus I have a feeling it will get better! Keep the faith…lol!


    • Yes, I’m sure you are right, Patty…I just get excited about finding books on the queue…and when they aren’t there, I feel deprived. LOL.

      But the VFA list has a lot of good ones, and all of my recent finds have been from that list. Thanks for stopping by.


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