It has been a contemplative morning.  After finishing reading and reviewing Falling Into Place, (click for review) by Amy Zhang, I am definitely pondering choices we make.




Not only the choices made by the characters in this book, but choices I have recently made in selecting my reading material.

For years, I have preferred my usual genres of mysteries (including psychological thrillers); contemporary adult fiction; and the occasional memoir.

YA books were the furthest books from my mind.  Who needs all that adolescent drama, was my thinking.  And also, I thought I had had enough of that while dealing with real-life teenagers in my work (social work) for years.

But lately that has apparently been changing.  Out of 14 books read so far this month, 4 of them were YA books.

Is this an accident, or am I purposely picking books that I notice around the blogosphere and wondering if there is more to them than teen drama?  Is there something in them to which I can connect?

The ones I have chosen are not the stereotypical ones I have scorned…okay, maybe “scorned” is the wrong description.  But I don’t want to read about annoying characters, unless there is something more to them than the obvious surface details.

The Amazon Vine program is a great place to find books that I don’t normally read…and a relatively risk-free way to add them to my stacks.

Meanwhile, I will still prefer books about adults….but occasionally, I will be drawn to the YA books that seem palatable to me. 

With a minimal amount of melodrama, please!




Do you find your reading choices changing over the years?  What, if anything, leads to these changes?



  1. I have changed my reading over the years. I used to read almost all thriller, suspense, horror–anything that got my adrenaline pumping you could say. Now that I am older and my life moves a bit slower, I seek out more sentimental, thought-provoking, or inspiring reads. I am starting to pick up literary fiction, non-fiction, small-town contemporary fiction, sagas, and small doses of paranormal, YA, magical realism, dystopian. I am also reading slower and thinking about the phrases instead of inhaling them.

    Belonging to the blogging community introduces us to books before they even release, so we have time to read others’ early reviews and wish lists and be more particular in what we read nowadays.
    Thanks for this discussion. It’s something we should consider. Glad you have Amazon Prime for your selections.


    • I am definitely glad to have more options available to me in terms of reading choices…I was probably in a rut before.

      Not that I won’t always love my go-to genres, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to branch out. Thanks for visiting, Rita.


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