cozy clutter


Yes, there is something about this photo that makes my fingers tingle, wanting to straighten everything out.

But then I look at the cozy clutter of it all, especially set against the backdrop of those perfectly arranged shelves, and somehow it speaks to me.

I have been discovering more and more Pinterest images, and I’m especially fond of the bookish ones.  This is one I found last night, when I was restlessly trolling the ‘net, waiting for something to post.

I like inserting these images in posts…or on blog headers, like the one you see below.


PicMonkey Collage-august 13 quirky

Love the book bench in the upper right, too.

Okay…enough procrastination!  I am reading an awesome book that I wasn’t sure of after I’d picked it.  Yes, it had the “psychological thriller” aspect to it.  But there were teens in a unique therapeutic classroom.  And I thought…enough already with the troubled teenagers.

They do remind me of my last years as a social worker, when I had a caseload of fifteen teens who had bombed out of every home and now were on their “last chances.”  And yet how, despite the strikes against them, there was something about them that kept me engaged.  And rooting for them.

The kids in this novel are like that.  You want to kick them out, but then you want to keep trying.  The Furies, by Natalie Haynes, is a psychologically complex, dark and twisting novel about loss, obsession and the deep tragedies that can connect us to each other even as they blind us to our fate.




It took me a bit to realize that when the narration is in the present tense, we are in the aftermath of what has happened.  Most of the story alternates between what happened before and what is happening now  And as we see the past unfold in bits and pieces, we realize, finally, what is about to occur.  And I am cringing at the level of obsession going on with these young characters.

But I’m a big fan of obsessions….although there is a difference between the kind of obsession in this story, and the kind that has us blogging obsessively, or searching the ‘net for images.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself these days…LOL.

After reading Belzhar, I thought that I had reached my limit with these YA books…but guess what?  Another is headed my way:  Falling Into Place, by Amy Zhang.





This one was scheduled to arrive yesterday…but somehow, I never made it to the mailbox.  Today!

What are the days and nights of blogging and reading like for you?  Any obsessions?  Books you are eager to read?




  1. Oh you lucky girl…I have been trying to snatch Belzhar without any luck at all…I can’t wait for your thoughts on Furies and Falling…I have both…read Falling…


    • Oh, I am loving The Furies even more than Belzhar…it has so many layers! I’m almost finished…and now I’m off to the mailbox, hoping Falling Into Place is finally here! Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


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