Enter my little Coca Cola Cafe for Sunday Potpourri, a venue for sharing life’s tidbits.

Over at Serendipity, you can find my weekly updates, including blog posts and reviews from last week, and books I am reading now.

I started a rather ambitious read, with 640 pages.  Unfortunately, I began it in bed and the book was so heavy I had to set it aside for the light of day.  I’ll be getting back to it soon, as it does seem fascinating….except for that HEAVINESS, but it’s all about an Irish dysfunctional family, set in New York, so I’m in.  The book, you say?  Oh, yes!  We Are Not Ourselves, by Matthew Thomas.




Am I procrastinating here?  It is already 9:30, and I am still on the computer.  I read some blogs; visited Facebook; took a photo and edited it (above) for my Sunday Potpourri logo here (I had rearranged a few things in my dining room cupboards, so I thought the logo should reflect how my little Cozy Cafe looks).  LOL

Then I created a new header for my website.


PicMonkey Collage-2nd website header in august

Do you think I have fiddled around more than enough?  Do you ever play around endlessly, avoiding something?  Or just because?





    • Yes, I was thinking about that…if it’s an e-book, it doesn’t literally weigh me down. I have read Penny Vincenzi’s books, which tend to be long, on Sparky and it didn’t phase me. So far today, I’m lying on the couch and propping the book up…LOL. Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


  1. I’m thankful I read We Are Not Ourselves on my kindle, and actually didn’t even realize it was that long before beginning. The book was very, very good but did take an emotional toll… can’t wait to hear what you think!


    • I am really loving it, now that I’ve figured out how to prop the book up while sitting on the couch…LOL. I can really relate to Eileen, who is from the same era as mine; some of those same issues also plagued me. Even her husband’s name is the same as my first husband’s…LOL.

      But yes, reading it on the Kindle would have been more comfortable. Thanks for stopping by, JoAnn.


  2. Heavy books or books that are too thick (short paperbacks with too many pages) are too hard to read in bed and as I can only read one book at a time it’s be uncomfortable or miss out (although kindle helps there) This does sound like a good read though.


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