As I sit here on a Monday morning, clicking away to visit blogs while sipping my coffee, I am madly writing down the titles of books I want…and then clicking over to Amazon.  Sometimes I bookmark them and return another day.

But at other times, I click the “deliver to Laurel-Rain Snow’s Sparky now” button!

Have I gone mad?

I do keep a list on Curl up and Read that shows my purchases, as well as review books received.  Would it surprise you to discover that, in May, I purchased 16 new books; in June, there were 14; and so far in July, 13?  And most of these are e-books.

It is too easy!

The “Sparky is hungry” excuse is probably not cutting it.  The worst part of it all…when will I read them all?  I’m still working on books I bought in 2013, under the guise of a Mt. TBR Challenge.

Of the 81 books purchased so far this year, I have only read and reviewed 23!

And yes, I have been busily reading review books and Mt. TBR books, and the paltry new books listed above, for a total of 102 read and reviewed so far.  Okay, must have another sip and a munch as I contemplate these numbers.




Should I be sitting on my hands instead of clicking to buy?  For a while, I did simply bookmark the pages, but then—suddenly, it seemed—my restraint was gone.  Shriveled.  As if I had lost my head.




Is there any hope?  What do you do to curb those impulses?  Or do you?  I definitely want to know!




  1. It is so much fun to preorder and get new books on our lovely Kindles…but…I have not made as many Kindle purchases lately and that is really helping my stashes which seem endless!


  2. If I want to slow down my e-book spending habit, I mention how many books I have been purchasing to my husband, and he shakes his head and says something like: “Don’t you have so many already to read? And how about all those library trips?? You’ll never read them all!” The guilt sets in for awhile.

    But he misses the point. I will probably never read ALL my books; there will always be some unread stack hiding somewhere on my shelf or on one of my kindles. I can show good restraint during the week, but on the weekend–checking out Sunday Post and It’s Monday!– I make a note of all the titles everyone else has been enjoying in the past week, and say, me too! Such is the life of a book blogger…


    • And that’s it exactly, Rita! That’s a book blogger’s world, and surrounding ourselves with books, both read and unread, is what it’s all about. And we all write about how we should diminish our stacks, whittling them down, or stop downloading so much…but secretly, we are gleefully enjoying it all. Right?

      Thanks for stopping by…only other book bloggers can really understand.


  3. Good luck with reining in you’ impulse to buy “all the books”! I think we all struggle with that. I’ve been buying fewer since I put myself on a stricter one-click diet. Basically, I’m only allowed to buy it if I’m DEFINITELY going to read it — or it’s a book I enjoy re-reading, and it’s on sale. That’s cut the flood down to 1 to 3 per week. But it’s still more than I probably should be buying, given the backlog of books I’ve got.


    • Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts on impulse buying, Lark. Lately I’ve bookmarked those pages that tempt me….and try not to go back unless there’s a sale. Our best efforts!


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