Sunday is often a day to laze around, drink mimosas, and watch Netflix.

But today, after reading for a while, I grabbed a bite at Dai Bai Dang….




and then saw the movie And So It Goes.





The restaurant is right by the theater, so it makes a perfect place to enjoy an appetizer and a cocktail.  I was also glad to have tissue handy during the movie, since, for whatever reason, there were scenes that elicited my emotions.

Perhaps it is seeing these actors that I have enjoyed since they (and I) were young, and realizing that they (and I) are growing older, with fewer choices left.

But there were plenty of fun moments, too, and what I would consider a very hopeful ending.  The story was a poignant reminder that we should take full advantage of every day and not pass up the opportunity to make new connections, even in our later years.

And yes, the crowd did have many older people there, but that, too, is a good sign for me.  We are still here!  And we can enjoy love and friendship.

Have any of you seen this movie?  Do you enjoy movies that spotlight older people?


And now I am going to finish the final scenes of Final Sentence...and then I am going to choose some Plan B books for this week, in case my moods take over!  I found out that last week was one that led me astray of the Plan A list.








Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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