Three sisters with saddened hearts return to the beach cottage on Martha’s Vineyard…one last time. Due to financial issues, they must sell their beloved family home, even though it has been in the family for generations.

Dar McCarthy lives on the island year-round; she is a graphic books artist/author, and the loss of her beloved father, a talented boat builder, has inspired this fantasy series. Back in her twelfth year, her father Michael McCarthy sailed the Atlantic to Ireland, bent on finding the land grant deed that would bring him his own pride of place on Martha’s Vineyard. He safely arrives, calls the family, and then is not heard from again.

Meanwhile, Dar and her sisters, Delia and Rory, bury their mother after a long illness.

As they pack up the house, Dar discovers some secrets that make her wonder about what she thought was true. More questions spur them on a journey.

The journey takes the sisters to Ireland, where they learn more about their father.

Will they find the answers in their quest? What does the glitch in their property title during escrow signify for their future? What conflicts between the sisters might jeopardize their serenity? How will they finally find the peace of mind they seek?

Dar was my favorite character. A tortured soul, she finds catharsis in her writing. I could relate to her. Rory was annoying and selfish, in my opinion, and her constant cyber-stalking of her ex-husband seemed to be her main focus. Delia was so immersed in the feelings of others that she could not focus on her own needs.

The Silver Boat: A Novel is an engaging story of family, connections, and the journeys we take to find ourselves. 4.0 stars.



  1. I like Ms. Rice but sometimes find her books a mixed bag: I always enjoy them somewhat, but some I really, really like. Never read this one but perhaps I will look for it in the library. I just finished Little Night from the library by her–it was just okay for me, not what I expected. I do have The Lemon Orchard on a list to look for though.


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