Today I am enjoying the cool breezes coming from outdoors…which made me grab the photo above, a picture of my son’s garden cottage in Berlin.  Wishing I had those French doors.

My mind has been flitting around this morning, starting with a post I wrote about preferred reading formats:  Take a Risk:  Let’s Talk About Formats.


Naturally, I chose Sparky (above), because of the ease of downloading and fewer overcrowding issues.  At least fewer VISIBLE ones.

Afterwards, I noticed that at the bottom of each Word Press post are links to other posts I’ve written, which intrigued me.  So I started flipping back and found several posts from 2010, 2011, etc. 

Here’s one about Multi-tasking: (from 2011)



I used to do several things while I read, but that was during college.  I would study with the TV on, and occasionally glance up to see what was happening.  I did well in my classes, too, in case you’re worried…LOL

Nowadays, though, I like to focus more on the book. Maybe because I know I’m going to review it afterwards, or maybe because I’m older and it’s harder not to be distracted.  But I do usually have something to drink close by, and the TV is on, but muted.


Then there’s this one I wrote in 2010: Happy Thanksgiving Post.

What struck me was this little snippet:

Today I uploaded my NaNoWriMo novel and entered the Winners’ Circle there.  Who knows?  Perhaps the manuscript I began in this month of November 2010 will join my five other published novels and become published as well.


That manuscript was Interior Designs…and it was published April 1, 2014.


Front Cover-resized again



Do you ever read old posts?  Do you enjoy them?  Do you cringe?  Sometimes I do cringe, but mostly when I read the old ones on my very first blog from 2008, Story Corner.






Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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