Today I’m enjoying another Monday, and as usual, I am reading a review book.  Abroad, by Katie Crouch, is about a young woman’s year in Italy…and some of the frightening events that take place.






The city of Grifonia, Italy, is swarming with secrets—thousands of years of dark, murderous secrets.
Taz, a British student who has just arrived for her year abroad, thinks that she will spend her time in Italy sipping wine and taking in the rolling Umbrian hills. But she soon falls in with a cabal of posh, reckless girls—the B4—who turn her quaint fantasies into an erotic and dangerous rush through the darkest realms of friendship and love. Abroad is a chilling parable of modern girlhood from an author who “from her opening line . . . grabs you and never lets go” (People).



So far, the book hasn’t really hooked me.  But I’m still reading….I hope it will pick up any time now.  Meanwhile, I’ve been tweaking some blogs and checking out really old posts on my older sites…CRINGE!

All of that seems to suggest that, perhaps, I have learned a couple of things over the years…LOL.

Now I’m getting ready to watch a soap (yes, Young and Restless) and then go to the mailbox.  Wonder what will come today?





Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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