Another Sunday….a day of doing lots of different things and not really accomplishing anything.

I’ve been reading, although I haven’t finished The Appetites of Girls, which I hope to finish before the day is out.  I spent some time this morning on my Weekly Sunday/Monday Updates post and visiting blogs.





And then I watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad on Netflix.





I finished Season I…so then I read for a while again….and then scanned some more photos.  These are shots of my home in the foothills just before I left.  We had painted the outside, built a new deck, and painted some indoor rooms, too.

The photo below depicts my “Ireland Room,” with photos of Ireland captured by my eldest son…and the walls were a sage green that seemed to “feel” Irish.  I had a lot of dolls and bears in that room!


Friant Ireland Room 1

Here is another view of the room, with more collections:


Friant Ireland Room 2


And here is my Creative Corner, a part of the dining room where I wrote my first three novels.  I did have a separate office, but moved my “station” downstairs so I wouldn’t be so isolated.


Friant Creative Corner


The desk area is very cluttered…and while I still have a bit of clutter in my office these days, it is LESS cluttered…LOL.


And here is the outside of the house, with a view of the deck.


Friant - deck


From the dryness of the needles under the trees—and even on the trees—you can tell that California’s drought was very much going strong back then…in 2007.

Sometimes I miss this house….but it was too much for me to maintain.  The yard was huge and there was also a guesthouse down the slope of the lawn.

Do you ever look at photos of previous residences?  Do you have favorite places where you lived?  Below is a portion of the great room in the guesthouse.







    • Yes, most of them are in see-through bins. I got tired of the doll maintenance, too…LOL. Thanks for stopping by, Patty.

      Now if I had a housekeeper and a landscape architect on staff…ha-ha! Then it would have been better.


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