It is time to go to the park!  This rather huge park is only a few blocks away, and I am tempted to walk over there and find a nice cool place to sit.  To watch the ducks.

But…who am I kidding?  I need to go out on my patio and read with my coffee, since then I won’t have to change out of my PJs yet!  LOL (By the way, last week I finished reading the book in the photo below!)




Then later…this afternoon?  I can go over to Barnes & Noble, which is actually closer than that park.




Meanwhile…remember when I promised myself that I would cut down on Vine books requested?

Well, you know how well that worked.  I ended up with eight books…and then, just the other day, I requested another one!  However, I have been regularly reading them and have reviewed three of those eight.

My recently requested book:  Eyes on You, by Kate White, is a riveting psychological suspense novel with a malevolent enemy who is disturbingly close by.





After losing her on-air job two years ago, television host Robin Trainer has fought her way back and now she’s hotter than ever. With her new show climbing in the ratings and her first book a bestseller, she’s being dubbed a media double threat.

But suddenly, things begin to go wrong. Small incidents at first: a nasty note left in her purse; her photo shredded. But the obnoxious quickly becomes threatening when the foundation the makeup artist uses burns Robin’s face. It wasn’t an accident—someone had deliberately doctored with the product.

An adversary with a dark agenda wants to hurt Robin, and the clues point to someone she works with every day. While she frantically tries to put the pieces together and unmask this hidden foe, it becomes terrifyingly clear that the person responsible isn’t going to stop until Robin loses everything that matters to her . . . including her life.


I also downloaded an e-book today when Goodreads notified me that it is now available (so kind of them!).  I’ve been cutting down on my pre-orders…but strangely enough, that isn’t keeping me from downloading books!

Cutting Teeth, by Julia Fierro, sounds like my kind of read.




One of the most anticipated debut novels of 2014, Cutting Teeth takes place one late-summer weekend as a group of thirty-something couples gather at a shabby beach house on Long Island, their young children in tow.
Nicole, the hostess, struggles to keep her OCD behaviors unnoticed. Stay-at-home dad Rip grapples with the reality that his careerist wife will likely deny him a second child, forcing him to disrupt the life he loves. Allie, one half of a two-mom family, can’t stop imagining ditching her wife and kids in favor of her art. Tiffany, comfortable with her amazing body but not so comfortable in the upper-middle class world the other characters were born into, flirts dangerously, and spars with her best friend Leigh, a blue blood secretly facing financial ruin and dependent on the magical Tibetan nanny everyone else covets. Throughout the weekend, conflicts intensify and painful truths surface. Friendships and alliances crack, forcing the house party to confront a new order.Cutting Teeth is about the complex dilemmas of early midlife—the vicissitudes of friendship, of romantic and familial love, and of sex. It’s about class tension, status hunger, and the unease of being in possession of life’s greatest bounty while still wondering, is this as good as it gets? And, perhaps most of all, Julia Fierro’s warm and unpretentious debut explores the all-consuming love we feel for those we need most, and the sacrifice and compromise that underpins that love.


But as for the here and now, I am reading Sue Miller’s captivating The Arsonist, and off I go to the patio!





What does your Tuesday look like?  Are you continuously tempted by the new books available?






Please leave your thoughts. Comments, not awards, feed my soul. Thanks!

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