Lily and Leon Gold are at a critical point in their marriage. Leon has retired, their son has left the nest, and Lily finds herself feeling stifled and frustrated by her very existence.

She thinks a job might just do the trick. But when she begins working at Walter’s antique store, she discovers so much more. She resumes her art history studies and realizes that she has the knowledge and knack for the business. But Walter seems stuck and resistant to her proposal to move the shop to an old house in an area undergoing gentrification.

Leon is also stubbornly refusing to part with any cash to help Lily create her dream.

So what can Lily do? Desperation is the mother of creativity in this situation, and the unique ways that Lily, and eventually Walter, begin to formulate their plan for Lily Gold’s Renaissance, a store for vendors and their wares, are signs of how one can achieve any dream with enough persistence and ingenuity.

Lily Steps Out is a delightful tale of one woman’s journey to finding herself and escaping her husband’s tyrannical control. Along the way, she also discovers that sometimes you have to let go in order to move on. It took a while for me to get into this story, as the beginning plodded along a bit, but once Lily “stepped out,” I was rooting for her. 4.0 stars.



    • Thanks, Patty…this author was one that we interviewed on our group blog, Dames of Dialogue. And I enjoyed this one…the beginning was a little slow, but then I couldn’t put it down.


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