Tomorrow I will be talking to my publishing consultant about bringing one of my two newest WIPs to life.  We have had our initial conversations, so tomorrow will be about scheduling the various aspects of taking this novel into production.

Yes, it’s about time.  Interior Designs is the novel I started in 2010, at NaNoWriMo.  I finished 52,000 words during that month-long event, which was a good start.

Actually, it all began a few years earlier, with a short story, which I then decided to expand into a novel.  The manuscript now has 93,000 + words, and after many read-throughs, Beta reads, and numerous edits, I think it’s ready.

If any creation is ever ready.

I’m one of those obsessive-compulsive types that strives for perfection, which is an impossible goal, don’t you think?  But finally I am somewhat satisfied with this story.

It is a sequel to my published work Embrace the Whirlwind, with this new story focusing on the antagonist from that novel.  Martha was unlikeable, or so we thought, in the ways she seemingly victimized our protagonist Amber.  But doesn’t every story have another side?  I thought I should explore Martha’s perspective.

An interior designer, her suburban home is a canvas for her many creations and recreations.  As we look into her world, and see her perspective, we learn about her fears and insecurities, which came across as vindictive in the first novel.  Aren’t we all a little bit insecure at times?  Martha now has to discover what went wrong in her life, and change some of her attitudes, as well as her behaviors.  The house below is what I picture for Martha, who lives in the same city where I now live.  





Interior Designs

 Meet Martha Scott Cummings:  an interior designer, an abandoned wife, and a newly single mother to her daughter Meadow.  Now she must begin an interior journey to reexamine the life she had, the choices she made, and to find the strength to begin again.
I have lived with these characters for a long time.  Now I want to introduce them to more readers.


    • Thanks, Patty…I had to Google houses in Clovis, and find the one that looks just like the one I imagine for Martha. I didn’t like her in the first novel (Embrace the Whirlwind), but that was because I was seeing the world through Amber’s eyes. Some people didn’t like Amber…and I understand that. She was so self-destructive.

      I can relate to Martha’s need for perfection.



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