On a cold Monday morning, my thoughts are tuned in to bookish things.  Earlier I rearranged some books into this cupboard above: a cupboard I bought a few years ago from a favorite shop. 

I’ve been reading a book called The Innocent Sleep, by Karen Perry (a two-person writing team).  This is my first experience with these authors.  Already I’m completely engaged.  A missing, presumed dead boy; a move to another country; a vision of that same boy on the streets.  Or was it only a vision?  Can’t stop turning the pages.


Before I started reading this book, however, I was already clicking over to Amazon and ordering two more books.  As if I need more!

But I read somewhere that the book Still Alice, by Lisa Genova, will be a movie.  So I must read it!  I downloaded it onto Sparky.


Most people have probably already read this one…and I have read and enjoyed two other books by the author.  Better late than never…right?

And while I was on Amazon, I preordered Killer, by Jonathan Kellerman, after reading a review on a blog this morning.  I have followed the Alex Delaware series for awhile, but have missed a few.  The book comes out tomorrow, so I won’t have long to wait.


After thirty-five riveting, internationally acclaimed novels of psychological suspense, #1 New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman returns with his most stunning thriller to date. Killer is a mesmerizing L.A. noir portrayal of the darkest impulses of human nature carried to shocking extremes.

The City of Angels has more than its share of psychopaths, and no one recognizes that more acutely than the brilliant psychologist and police consultant Dr. Alex Delaware. Despite that, Constance Sykes, a sophisticated, successful physician, hardly seems like someone Alex needs to fear. Then, at the behest of the court, he becomes embroiled in a bizarre child custody dispute initiated by Connie against her sister and begins to realize that there is much about the siblings he has failed to comprehend. And when the court battle between the Sykes sisters erupts into cold, calculating murder and a rapidly growing number of victims, Alex knows he’s been snared in a toxic web of pathology.

Nothing would please Alex more than to be free of the ugly spectacle known as Sykes v. Sykes. But then the little girl at the center of the vicious dispute disappears and Alex knows he must work with longtime friend Detective Milo Sturgis, braving an obstacle course of  Hollywood washouts, gangbangers, and self-serving jurists in order to save an innocent life.
Killer is Kellerman—and Delaware—at their finest.


More books to add to Sparky.  My print bookshelves are overflowing again, but I have found new spots for each additional book in little niches, like in my cupboard above.  And in these shelves:



What are you doing on a cold wintry day?  Some have snow, while others have rain…and then there are those pesky ice storms, which always remind me of the movie by that name, from back in the day.  The Ice Storm takes me back to the 1970s…and I can almost feel the cold as I watch it.


And speaking of movies, I found one On Demand that I plan to watch this evening.  Diana, starring Naomi Watts, is the story of the People’s Princess during the time before her death, when she had secret liaisons with a mysterious doctor.


I can feel the cozy day encircling me!  I don’t think I’ll even leave the house today.  What about you?





    • Yes, I’m excited about it. Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart, Kate Bosworth, and Alec Baldwin are listed as some of the stars. I don’t know when it’s coming….hopefully this year!

      Thanks for stopping by, Monika.


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